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  • Calibration of the pitot steammeter 

    Carr, A. L; Strube, H. L (Armour Institute of Technology, 1906)
  • Calibration of the pitot tube 

    Dreffein, Henry A.; McBurney, Edward, Jr (Armour Institute of Technology, 1905)
  • Calibration test of electric water meter 

    Steward, W. H., Jr (Armour Institute of Technology, 1915)
  • Campus Branding/ Sustainability Image (Semester Unknown) 

    Barlow, Elliot; Chamales, Michael; Nadler, Anne; Contreras, Abraham; De Vita, Neils; Ishaq, Mohammad; Stultz, Adam; King, Richard; Gupta, Prairna; Song, Yunseok; Ono, Ashley; Ae Park, Ji; Korol, Phil; Mindock, Rae (2008-07)
    The overall aim of the project is to improve and enhance the image of IIT, both as an institution and a physical campus, as regards sustainability and “green” practices. To that end, the current semester is focused on ...
  • Campus Branding/ Sustainability Image (Semester Unknown) IPRO 311 

    Block, Shawn; Budzinski, Catherine; Chamales, Michael; Fontes de Faria, Gabriel; Kapecki, John; Ma, Justin; Milesic, Milanko; Mohan, Vinu; Rouben, Sacha; Tanapura, Nor; Toops, Melissa; Um, Hyeran (2008-12)
    The overall aim of the project is to improve and enhance the image of Illinois Institute of Technology, both as an institution and a physical campus, in regards to sustainability and “green” practices. To that end, the ...
  • Campus Branding/ Sustainability Image (Semester Unknown) IPRO 311 

    Bird, Steve; Choi, Migun; Crowley, Brian; Elg, Brianna; Henry, Steve; Horwath, Josh; Mindock, Rae; Nadler, Anne; Navarro, Jon; Perry, Nick; Romanelli, Brian (2008-05)
    The IPRO 311 Team’s overall objective is to create a conceptual design and branding of IIT as an eco-friendly campus, promoting sustainability to students, faculty and visitors. IPRO 311 is sponsored by IIT Marketing and ...
  • Cannabidiol Inhibits Breast Cancer Growth by Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species 

    Sarma, Pranamee (2012-12)
    Cancer cells possess heightened rates of cell proliferation due to aberrant cellcycle checkpoints. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to down-regulate expression of the inhibitor of DNA-1 (Id-1), a basic helix-loop-helix ...

    LI, HONGKUN (2012-12)
    The multi-radio multi-channel (MR-MC) networking provides a generic computing platform for a wide range of next-generation wireless networks, e.g., wireless mesh networks based on the IEEE 802.16, 4G cellular networks ...
  • Capacity and efficiency test of an autovacuum refrigerating machine 

    Strauch, Frederic P.; Armacost, Wilbur H. (Armour Institute of Technology, 1916)

    TANG, SHAOJIE (2012-12)
    We study the network capacity of large scale wireless sensor networks under both Gaussian Channel model and Protocol Interference Model. To study network capacity under gaussian channel model, we assume n wireless nodes ...
  • Capstone Design - Parking Garage (semester?), IPRO 315 

    Featherstone, Amanda; Ganason, Vina; Grosse, Christopher; Hiner, Ross; Jang, Young; Kazimi, Syed; Lee, Linda; Netherton, Daniel; Olson, Justin; Purpura, John; Rossman, Justin; Suik, Bradley; Thakkar, Chintan; Virani, Minaz (2006-12)
    The plan for this IPRO is to develop a design for a large scale parking garage that can accommodate about 500 cars and will be located on IIT’s main campus. The objective of this project is to develop a design that is ...
  • Captured Moments: A Concept for a K-12 Urban School 

    Twardowski, Jacqueline (2012-05)
    The inspiration to develop a vertical urban school originates from rising urban density and the lack of interconnection and identity in some urban environments. The urban condition is a construct of rhythm, memory, and the ...

    The most commonly used commercial technology for post-combustion CO2 capture for existing power plants is the amine solvent scrubber. However, the energy consumption for capturing CO2 from flue gases using amine solvent ...
  • Carbon Footprint of Automobiles (Semester Unknown) IPRO 322 

    Bais, Rajiv; Burian, James; Choi, Lien; Fournier, Andrew; Mora, Andres; Rafalko, Susan; Shonekan, Morayomola; Swanston, Seantoia; Vasilev, Teodora; Yi, Won-Jae; Yu, Mary (2010-05)
    The goal of the IPRO 322 team is to develop and present a “User friendly” way of identifying vehicles with respect to the emission of greenhouse gases throughout their life cycle.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction (Semester Unknown) IPRO 329 

    Fong, Jessica; Kieser, Jeremy; Young, Julieann; Primm, Casey; Port, Graeme; Reznicek, Dustin; Pabba, Shabarinath (2010-07)
    Our team’s objective is to evaluate Oak Park’s different types of commercial and residential buildings in order to assess their current energy usage. We aim to use this information to reduce the carbon footprint of Oak ...
  • Cardiovascular Display for Pre and Post Natal (semester 1 of unknown), IPRO 341 

    Budiman, Alex; Dunaway, Eric; Lin, Grace; Moy, Calvin; Pitroda, Sean; Narayan, Justin; Ravella, Shalini; Shrivastava, Archita; Thakore, Suruchi; Tuthill, Christopher; Vankawala, Anand; Vasu, Kedari; Wright, Michael (2004-12)
    IPRO 341 worked with the science and exhibit development staff of the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) to develop a working prototype of a cardiovascular display of blood flow from a pre to postnatal system. MSI is ...
  • CARLI2016_Reserves_GroupStudy_ExplorationSpace 

    Mirza, Nasir (2016-04-18)
    In this presentation we discuss the creation and functioning of Reserves, Group Study Suite and Exploration space at the Galvin Library. We show by data and graphs the usage and impact of three services at the library.
  • Carman Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Ill. 

    Hedrich-Blessing (Firm) (1953-1959)