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  • Kalleidos (Spring 2011) IPRO 303 

    Rakauskaite, Ausrine; Siver, Ben; Pyrkh, Hanna; Kovacs, Hilary; Jewell, John; Jin, Keojin; Arroyo, Marcos; Michael, Mark; Koto, Melanie; Curran, Morgan; Kushaare, Rishi; Ri, Sujin; Liu, Xiaochen (2011-05)
    “Over the last few years there has been an explosion of different websites that allow average person to contribute different content such as pictures, comments, stories and reviews about places around them. While there are ...
  • Kayak Motors (semester?), IPRO 353 

    Greg, Albright; Alex, Popov; Mark, Kenar; Joe, Basgall; Michael, Wojcik; Bum, Kim; Minjoong, Kim (2005-12)
    Our IPRO is aimed at laying the groundwork for a small company that supplies attachable, battery-powered motors for kayaks. Throughout the world, water sports are a popular activity for families and couples that look to ...
  • Keith School, Chicago, Ill. 

    Ryan, Dan (1950-1959)
  • Kids Invest Website (Spring 2002) IPRO 359 

    Bhatia, Juhi; Chang, Jennifer; Fong, Eric; Martinez, Samaria; Pifko, Nathan; Valkovich, Ksenia (2002-05)
    This IPRO will provide you with two experiences: Continue the business plan and marketing strategy for the IIT UTEC Design (IIT Usability Testing and Evaluation Center) and user test KidsInvest website for the Illinois ...

    MAO, XIANGZHOU (2015-07)
    It is an important objective to find equilibrium between cost and effluent water quality at the Calumet water reclamation plants (WRP). Kinetic parameters of activated sludge process have significant influence on effluent ...

    The increase on petroleum-based fuel demand, lack of sufficient petroleum resources, reaching hazardous limits of green house gases and the need for energy security are motivating the development of an alternate fuel ...
  • Know IIT Ales (Semester Unknown) IPRO 321 

    Adamczyk, Paul; Adebowale, Kolade; Faisal, Alanzi; Alhassan, Abdalmohsen; Amelio, Sam; Au, Bonnie; Choi, Minsung; Colmenares, Andre; George, Keller; Horn, Whitney; Husein, Amjed; Isbell, Tobiah; Johnson, Grahm; Krolikiewicz, Michael; Kyle, Ryan; Llarenas, Jordan; Lucas, India; Olorunoje, Kamal; Panchal, Heta; Raddatz, Andrew; Rajagopalan, Raksha; Rodriguez, Ricardo; Singh, Jaya; Somo, Sami (2011-05)
    Beer is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. The culture of brewing beer is one that continues to attract the attention of people from all walks of life. Beer can be differentiated one from another in terms of ...
  • Kolff's rotating Drum Artificial Kidney (semester?), IPRO 314 

    Niekoo, Abbasian; Abhi, Das; Brendan, Inouye; Shawn, Stumpf; Sam, Vazquez; Jennifer, Barta; Rebecca, Hannah; Ryan, Jungels; Joe, Sutalo; Aaron, Whiting; Tim, Britt; Mary, Hannink; Justin, Ram; Michael, Turturro (2005-12)
    The IPRO team will continue to work with the staff from the Museum of Science and Industry to develop a prototype of a cardiovascular- mechanical function display of the changes in pressure and flow that occur at the moment ...
  • Kostiner, Lewis, Oral History Interview 

    Kostiner, Lewis (Illinois Institute of Technology, 2011-05-01)
    Interview with Lewis Kostiner, who received an MS in Design from the Institute of Design in 1974. Kostiner recounts his experiences as an undergraduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design under Harry Callahan and ...
  • Kranti Home for Sexually Trafficked Girls (Semester Unknown) IPRO 343 

    None, None (2009-12)
    To develop and design a home and center of education for girls who have been previously trafficked
  • Krastof, Mark, Oral History Interview 

    Krastof, Mark (Illinois Institute of Technology, 2011-05-01)
    Interview with Mark Krastof, who received an MS in Design from the Institute of Design in 1971. Krastof recounts his experience as a student under Arthur Siegel, Aaron Siskind, and Garry Winogrand. Krastof shows copies of ...
  • Krejci, Donald, Oral History Interview 

    Krejci, Donald (Illinois Institute of Technology, 2011-05-01)
    Interview with Donald Krejci, who received an MS in Design from the Institute of Design in 1974. Krejci recounts his experience as a student under Arthur Siegel and the details of his master's thesis. Running time is 5:59 minutes.
  • Lab Safety Manual 

    unknown (2010)
  • Laboratory Arc Melting Furnace For The Production Of Alloy Samples From Reactive Metals 

    Olson, John C. (1961-05-01)
    For more information on this report, please visit the Contrails project at
  • Laboratory Notebook 10 

    Sadler, George (2010-03-04)
  • Laboratory Notebook 106 

    Cooper, Kerri; Lee, Alvin; Slade, Peter (2010-09-09)
  • Laboratory Notebook 107 

    Cooper, Kerri; Lee, Alvin; Slade, Peter (2010-09-10)
  • Laboratory Notebook 108 

    Zhang, Zhe; Burton-Freeman, Britt (2010-03-05)