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  • Tagging XML Data for our Mediator (Fall 2000) IPRO 334 

    Arditi, Axel; Beitzel, Steve; Jensen, Eric; Alhamed, Ali; Chakravarthy, Kalyan; Torres, Valentin John; SaeLee, Michael (2000-12)
    Last semester we built a prototype mediator which takes a user query and poses it to a variety of different data sources. In the worst case, it is as good as existing metasearch engines. Example query: “What are the ...
  • Taking Time, Risk and Cost out of Drug Discovery (Fall 2001) ENPRO 351 

    Dalmia, Manoj; Hong, Yugenia; Sresty, Padma; Hung, Paul; Morrison, Edward; Johnson, Stephen; McGuire, Brian; Patel, Sarjan; Patel, Monali; Bhatt, Ajay (2001-12)
    Professor Chapman has invented an x-ray procedure that greatly extends the technique's ability to diagnose tumors (mammogram improvement) and see problems in soft tissue, such as cartilage. He collaborates with Brookhaven ...
  • The Tall Building: The Effects of Scale 

    Goldsmith, Myron (1953-06-01)
    The project described in this thesis is a new structural type for tall buildings in reinforced concrete. Both structure and function have been analyzed to show their influence on the height of the building and their ...
  • Tanner, Robert, Oral History Interview 

    Tanner, Robert (Illinois Institute of Technology, 2011-05-01)
    Interview with Robert (Bob) Tanner, who received a BS in Photography from the Institute of Design in 1959. Tanner recounts his experience as an undergraduate student under Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind, and how ID ...
  • Tape and Disk Recording and Reproducing Device 

    Camras, Marvin (1952-09-23)
  • Tape Cartridge Selector Transducing Machine 

    Camras, Marvin (1964-05-26)
  • Tape Drive System 

    Camras, Marvin (1970-10-20)
  • Tape Reel Support 

    Camras, Marvin (1955-07-19)

    Haleem, Muhammad Salman (2011-07)
    In this thesis, we propose a task-based approach to parametric imaging with dynamic image sequences and apply the proposed method to an example problem of prostate cancer segmentation with dynamic contrast enhanced Magnetic ...

    YANG, JUNESEOK (2015-07)
    Construction managers use scheduling methods such as the critical path method (CPM) and linear scheduling methods (LSM) to improve the outcome of their project. CPM is a popular scheduling method that is mostly based on ...
  • Teacher Knowledge Share (Semester Unknown) IPRO 320 

    Bern, David; Bochantin, Marike; Hartline, Julian; McCall, Ian; Mick, Emily; Peake, Andrew; Pierce, Alison; Pindrik, Dmitriy; Quinn, Michael; Stanford, Carly; Tilatti, Michael (2008-12)
    The goal of IPRO 320 is to create an online professional network for school teachers at the kindergarten through twelfth grade level to allow for the sharing of ideas, lesson plans and other professionally relevant ...
  • Teacher Knowledge Share (Semester Unknown) IPRO 320 

    Scanlon, Ed; Pindrik, Dmitriy; Vystoskiy, Dmitriy; Edwards, Mitchell; Cornelius, Zachary; Quinn, Michael; Hogan, Michael; Sunderberg, Stephen; Kihm, Jaeyeon; Hartline, Julian; De-Courten-Myers, Max; Dipego, Danielle; Himchak, Evan; Wide, Mimi (2009-05)
    The goal of IPRO 320 is to continue development of an online professional network for school teachers at the kindergarten through twelfth grade level to allow for the sharing of ideas, lesson plans and other professionally ...

    BARTOS, STEPHEN A. (2013-05)
    ABSTRACT Research on nature of science (NOS) and scientific inquiry (SI) has indicated that a teacher’s knowledge of each, however well developed, is not sufficient to ensure that these views necessarily manifest themselves ...
  • Technews (Fall2003) IPRO 320 

    Pros, Melissa (2003-12)
    Establish an on-going communication network with the TechNews staff, WIIT IPRO 322, and SGA. Help to improve TechNews circulation and distribution. Assist TechNews in their marketing campaign -Sales -Promotions -Special ...
  • TechNews (Spring 2003) IPRO 320 

    Babb, Chris; Brooks, Timothy; McGill, Jeff; Anderson, James; Mayer, Ryan; Miller, Mike; Tarlea, Alina (2003-05)
    Tech News, IIT�s newspaper, will offer an opportunity for interdisciplinary activities to support the development and services of the newspaper. Students joining this team will have an interest in applying the latest ...
  • Technical and Business Analysis of Challenges and Opportunities Associated with Guitar String Products (Spring 2002) IPRO 306 

    Alaniz III, Jesus; Flores, Antonio; Havens, Brad; Khalid, Usman; Oleszkiewicz, Anthony; Salam, Basel (2002-05)
    Gibson USA, Nashville, Tennessee, is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of acoustic and electric guitars for the entertainment industry. Gibson has a rich and respected history that began with the design and ...
  • Technical and Market Integration of Hydroelectric Energy (semester?), IPRO 343 

    Choe, Hyung; Burgos-Lopez, Mauricio; Ha, Sooyoung; Lee, Chi Hwan; Liu, Cong; Song, Chang; Wang, Jianhui; Wu, Lei (2006-12)
    The objectives are to design a small hydroelectric power plant on an existing low head dam on Fox River and investigate and evaluate the technical and market integration issues of the new hydro-electrical energy into the ...
  • Technical and Market Integration of Wind Energy (semester?), IPRO 344 

    Cho, Luke; Choi, Euddum; Dantapalli, Sushma; Duggirala, Sandhya; Kayvani, Bahram; Lotfjou, Azim; Song, Sung; Taulbee, Dan; Urbina, Michael; Yoo, Jieum (2006-12)
    The objective of IPRO-344 is the design of a wind turbine. To accomplish this, the following tasks must be completed:  Selection of an appropriate site, taking into account wind availability, proximity to transmission ...