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  • Fuel Cells for Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (Semester Unknown) IPRO 349 

    Abankwa, Kevin; Ashrafi, Sahar; Ballard, Ray; Baughey, Ethan; Chaffee, Matthew; Cho, Moses; Chock, Chris; Choy, Marcus; Guilfoyle, Jennifer; Hagopian, Matthew; Kenig, Elezar; Luo, Chieh (2010-05)
    The goal of IPRO 349 is to produce a conceptual design of an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) that is powered by a fuel cell. The primary customer in consideration for this IPRO is the US Navy. The importance of submarines ...
  • Robbins Community Power (RCP) (Semester Unknown) IPRO 347 

    Abankwa, Kevin; Alhassan, Kolade; Apampa, Kunle; Bukowska, Angelika; Drecoll, Daniel; Ernst, William; Ibrahim, Suliman; Jung, Young; Kunkel, Emily; Morton, Stacy; Mulcany, Liam; Munoz, Matthew; Olorunoje, Kamaldeen; Kyeong Park, Bo; Pham, Anne; Singh, Java (2010-12)
    The IPRO 347 team intends to seize the opportunity given by Robbins Community Power (RCP) to improve the efficiency of the power plant. RCP plans to convert the facility from its original role as an incinerator into a ...