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  • Design and Evaluation of Engineering Systems to Remove VOCs from Groundwater (Spring 2003) IPRO 304B 

    Abbasian, Javed; Noll, Dr. Kenneth (2003-05)
    The objective of this project is the design and cost estimation for various pollution control devices that can remove volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) from ground water. Effective and efficient treatment methods are needed ...
  • Design of A Modern Hydrogen Production and Recovery Facility (Spring 2003) IPRO 304C 

    Mehta, Ankit; Ayobamidele, Bello; Barac, Predrag; Bartman, Alex; Ekelemu, Odemena; Gaicki, Richard; Gaydos, Celeste; Hardin, Kendra; Kittaneh, Marriam; Lawardi, Bernadette; McKinney, Michelle; Malik, Maheen; Thomas, Tony; Trauscht, April (2003-05)
    The objective of this project is to design and provide an economic assessment of new flue gas cleanup processes to meet new and future environmental emissions standards. The issues to be considered in this project include ...
  • Devices for Removal of VOCs from Ground Water (Spring 2002) IPRO 304B 

    Brown, Nathaniel; Cacace, Benjamin; Kustwin, Brian; Ogunribido, Susan; Sarmiento, Melissa; Edwards II, Michael; Felfe, Kristina; Gundy, Justin van; Hudalla, Greg; Keleko, Adenkunmi (2002-05)
    Water in Wausau, Wisconsin is contaminated with VOCs posing hazardous health risks. As part of the IPRO project, we need to determine a unit operation that can remove VOCs effectively and cost efficiently.