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  • Asian American Chicago Network: A Case Study of Facebook Group Use By Immigrant Groups 

    Rao, Xi; Hemphill, Libby (ACM, 2016)
    Through analyzing data from posts and about users, we describe how one particular Facebook group helps immigrants to the U.S. use social media to build a local community. As a preliminary study in intercultural communication ...
  • “Broader Impacts” or “Responsible Research and Innovation”? A Comparison of Two Criteria for Funding Research in Science and Engineering 

    Davis, Michael; Laas, Kelly (Springer, 2013-10)
    Our subject is how the experience of Americans with a certain funding criterion, “broader impacts” (and some similar criteria) may help in efforts to turn the European concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) ...
  • Bulge Lab - Clickable Walkthrough 

    DeAnda, Michael (2018-09-25)
    Bulge Lab is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) about masculinity, body image, and viruses. Michael DeAnda developed this ARG using a series of social media sites and blogs to post content and an email address that autoresponds ...
  • Chicago Politicians on Twitter 

    Hemphill, Libby; Shapiro, Matthew A.; Otterbacher, Jahna (2012-03-12)
    This paper uses data from 1,042 tweets posted by or mentioning Chicago Aldermen or Mayor Rahm Emanuel to examine how Chicago politicians use social media. Twitter provides a public communication medium in which constituents ...

    ROBINSON, JOY D. (2014-05)
    A self-managing virtual (SMV) team is a configuration that permits team leaders to manage and administer their team with limited supervisory oversight. These teams are widespread in software and engineering environments ...

    O'DONNELL, KATHRYN E. (2013-05)
    This dissertation investigates connections between scientific illustration in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (PTRS) and fine art in the period from 1660 to 1850, comparing three science illustrations ...
  • Data from Tweet Acts: How Constituents Lobby Congress via Twitter 

    Hemphill, Libby; Roback, Andrew (2012)
  • Data used to develop #Polar scores 

    Culotta, Aron; Hemphill, Libby; Heston, Matthew (2016)
    We present a new approach to measuring political polarization, including a novel algorithm and open source Python code, which leverages Twitter content to produce measures of polarization for both users and hashtags. #Polar ...
  • Descriptors and measurements of verbal violence in tweets 

    Guberman, Joshua; Hemphill, Libby (2016)
  • Doing What I Say: Connecting Congressional Social Media Behavior and Congressional Voting 

    Shapiro, Matthew A.; Hemphill, Libby; Otterbacher, Jahna (2012-03-10)
    Public officials’ communication has been explored at length in terms of how such their statements are conveyed in the traditional media, but minimal research has been done to examine their communication via social media. ...
  • Eleven Words That Sound Like "Orange" 

    Monica, Samelson (2012-04)

    In the field of technical communication there exist few studies that specifically address faith-based organizations’ use of communication technology. The purpose of this dissertation was to show how these organizations ...
  • Hashtag data from "Agenda Building & Indexing: Does the U.S. Congress Direct New York Times Content through Twitter?" 

    Hemphill, Libby (2014)
    From the paper: The conventional understanding of how elected officials affect the policy agenda is based in arguments that they use symbols and rhetoric to propagate the problem, and that this happens primarily through ...
  • Informal Learning with Twitter 

    Wilhelm, Eva C. (2011-05)
    Twitter use has evolved from status updates to a broad range of uses from personal broadcasting to information sharing and conversations. A study was conducted to determine how Twitter is used for informal learning ...

    MAHMUD, ATHIR (2016-07)
    Information visualization offers a unique method to assist users in understanding large quantities of data, such as that which is found in social media. The recent surge in the use of social media platforms, the abundance ...
  • Interview with Andrew Breyer 

    de la Cerda, Edgar; Debose, Deion; Jiao, Larry; Rigg, Scott; Sutula, Oksana (2015-10)
    In the early days of home video game systems, Atari hosted tournaments where the best players competed to be the world champion for different games on its systems. One such player, Andrew “Andy” Breyer, competed in the ...
  • Interview with Chaz Evans 

    DeAnda, Michael (2014-11-14)
    Chaz Evans is the curator of the Video Game Art Gallery (VGA Gallery), a traveling exhibit established in 2013 that displays pieces of art from video games. VGA Gallery’s co-directors, Jonathan Kinkley and Chaz Evans, have ...
  • Interview with Chris Dammacco 

    McNamar, Sydney; Hernandez, Christopher; Nguyen, Michael; Takiddeen, Yasser; Garcia, Jonathan (2015-10-02)
    Chris Dammacco began as a cheese broker for the majority of Midwestern states until one day he confronted a video game shop owner about the poor treatment of his customers; the owner’s response was “If you don’t like the ...
  • Interview with Daniel Bishop 

    Armas, Cesar; Parnell, Tesoro; Nguyen, Minh; Scroggins, Colt (2015)
    Mr. David L. Bishop is the Vice President of Namco USA, and works at Level 257 in Schaumberg, Illinois. Growing up working in an arcade as a teen, he instantly fell in love with video games. Defender was the game that ...
  • Interview with Davin Loh 

    Klima, Zachary; Ma, Yunlong; Odutayo, Olufunlola; Yang, Sunny (2014-11-04)