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  • Church & School Energy Efficiency and Financing Program (sequence unknown), IPRO 328 - Deliverables 

    Ciuffini, Kathryn; Kim, Ja Young; Knapczyk, Robert; McKinley, Matthew; O'Brien, Patrick; Maddamma, Todd; Schafer, Michael; Soderling, Philip; Wedster, Bonnie (2009-12)
    The Fall 2009 IPRO 328 team envisions the development and ultimately execution of a volunteer program which would facilitate the implementation of energy saving improvements in a church and/or parochial school within the ...
  • Development Plan For The Michael Reese Site (Semester Unknown) IPRO 359 

    Beardsley, Erin; Grace, Heather; Masangkay, Rodolfh; O'Brien, Patrick; Van Eaton, Justin; Weissman, Kathryn; Champlin, Austin; Lockowski, Wesley; Morgenthaler, Maximillian; Salisbury, Joshua; Waisath, Nathan; Chun, Amy; Knapczyk, Robert; Nguyen, Nam; Slonski, Bryan; Wang, Ruoxi (2010-05)
    Our team purpose is to develop a project on the site of the old Michael Reese Hospital that develops the community, brings in revenue, attracts development and revitalizes the surrounding areas. Our mission is to design ...