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  • New Technologies For Cardiac Arrest Patients (Semester Unknown) IPRO 319 

    Aijazuddin, Ambreen; Akhambay, Assyl; Austin, Grant; Bansal, Neha; Eid, Aya; Esbensen, Kirsten; Halim, Stephanus; Jackson, Lisa; Kim, Sua; Ko, Hyunseok; Martinez, Juan; Oberg, Jarrett; Kyeong Park, Bo; Patel, Neelkumar; Tesfaye, Melat; Voss, Melissa; Mouddou, Khadija (2010-05)
    Over 250,000 people in the U.S. alone die annually from sudden cardiac arrest, and many of those that survive suffer brain damage, which can begin within minutes of the heart attack. Major risks among survivors include ...
  • Techno-Business Study of Water Pump Motor Technologies (Semester Unknown) IPRO 348 

    Cachero, Eunice; Colmenares, Andre; Dias, Diego; Hannink, Veronica; Jackson, Lisa; Lee, Sunho; Matariyeh, Khalid; Oberg, Jarrett; Patel, Tejash (2010-12)
    IPRO 348 is a team of students working together for the goal of assisting Pentair with selecting a new motor to use in their water pumps that is more economically and environmentally friendly through research and testing ...