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  • Growing Water: 31st Street Eco-Boulevard and IIT Pavilion Prototype (Semester Unknown) IPRO 322 

    Beissinger, Daniel; Boder, Matthew; Booher, Steven; Bryant, Kristin; Guzek, Ewa; Horabik, David; Klusek, Natalia; Kochanek, Malgorzata; McCarthy, Michael; Mejsak, Marcin; Oblenida, Ryan; Slota, Carolina; Veneziano, Marco (2008-12)
    1048 million gallons of water is used in Chicago everyday. Chicago replenishes almost none of it. Although there is no water shortage currently, many believe that water will be to the next century what oil is to this ...
  • Refuable Electric Car (Semester Unknown) IPRO 313 

    Ashworth, Christopher; Castaneda, Anthony; Day, Joshua; Enwerem, Chinonso; Fairbanks, David; Gibbs, Jeremy; Guo, Kunlun; Hong Ip, Young; Kim, Yoosuk; Kocagoz, Sevi; Oblenida, Ryan; Ramirez, Alejandro; Shpuntova, Galina; Vetter, Price; Zaug, Julia (2010-05)
    To make significant strides toward creating a working prototype of a refuelable electric vehicle using a zinc air battery and to raise public awareness of the potential of this technology.