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  • Portable and Secure Medical Data Management System (semester?), IPRO 304 

    Abubakar, Usman; Benaska, Steven; Brenyo, Michael; Dmitry, Ratnikov; Dughman, Lutfi; Emelogu, Ikechi; Kelkar, Shaan; Khan, Shaan; Oza, Pooja; Sharma, Kanishk; Trockman, Brett (2006-05)
    The goal of this project is to design software to support the secure use of portable memory as a medium for transferring secure data. Envision yourself carrying around sensitive data (e.g., passwords, account numbers) on ...
  • Semantic News Aggregation Software (Semester Unknown) IPRO 327 

    Bathum, Nick; Estola, Evan; Kim, Jaeyeon; Mundrawala, Jay; Osswald, Chris; Schmitz, Pete; Zangenehzadeh, Cameron (2008-12)
    Design and build software to provide Web searchable news data and related semantic information from current events. This information will be extracted from online news sources, processed by our software to add semantic ...
  • Ultra-High-Speed Market Data System (semester?), IPRO 313 

    Pannenko, Philip; Ramsamy, Devaraj; Buddell, Kenneth; Lenzen, Michael; Song, Yunseok; Kwak, Noh Hyup; Lim, Jong Min; Kim, Jongyon; Cho, Young; Jafarey, Usman; Tugade, Jesus Allan C.; Yoon, Jong Su (2007-12)
    IPRO 313’s objective is to develop a data ticker plant for our sponsor Townsend Analytics which needs to meet or exceed certain performance requirements. The data ticker plant has to have a sustained optimal throughput of ...