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  • A Video Annotation and Indexing System (sequence unknown), IPRO 327 - Deliverables 

    Dhagam, Karthik; Donchev, Alexander; Homawoo, Sergio; Litas, Alexander; Orlichenko, Anton; Osswald, Christian; Petsod, Jason; Rawlings, Ori; Shaffer, Joshua; Smith, Antoinette; Yates, Andrew; Yu, Hee Jeoung (2009-12)
    Much information available on the Web is in video format. The problem with this medium is users cannot comment on particular scenes within the videos and there is no method of searching for specific content within the ...
  • Widget Applications to Enhance the Tru2Way Consumer Experience (sequence unknown), IPRO 312 - Deliverables 

    Alsharief, Yagoob; Aulfata, Muluken; Curtis, Christopher; Dhewaju, Anusuya; Mooney, Kevin; Mutyaba, Kevin; Ndoping, Marco; Onaissi, Samah; Peterson, Naomi; Siwek, Steven; Wallace, Sean; Yi, Won-Jae (2009-12)
    The IPRO teams objectives are to provide Comcast with feedback from an outside perspective, allowing them to see where their Tru2Way system needs additional attention or support.