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  • Sustainable Water distribution System for Pignon, Haiti (semester?), IPRO 327 

    Ballog, Matthew; Dennis, Nicole; Hussaini, Mudassir; Kohler, Jonathan; Lis, Tom; Mendoza, Gustavo; Mohammed, Ashfaq; Nockov, Ivan; Omeralovic, Enis; Parv, Ionut; Radloff, Eric; Rajic, Ivan; Rokita, Mark; Shethwala, Fuzel; Skrebo, Ermin; Smagur, Peter; Stella, Meredith; Szwajnos, Joanna; Tailor, Kinjal; Terry, Natasja (2007-12)
    IPRO 327’s objective is to create a complete set of drawings and specifications of a water distribution system for Pignon, Haiti that can be easily built and used by the town. This is a continuation of a spring 2007 IPRO, ...
  • Sustainable Water distribution System for Pignon, Haiti (semester?), IPRO 327 

    George, Alayna; Kircher, Alex; Sissala, Amy; Mohammed, Ashfaq; Susek, Ben; Tam, Chi; Chung, Chun Pong; Durra, David; Williams, David; Radloff, Eric; Skrebo, Ermin; Forkan, Garret; Rajic, Ivan; Sullivan, Joshua; Tailor, Kinjal; Rokita, Mark; Ballog, Matt; Hollister, Nathaniel; Sawulski, Piotr; Shoulders, Shawn; Ratmani, Shoaib (2007-05)
    Our objectives for the semester are:  Produce or procure a topographical map of Pignon, Haiti  Map the current structures on a topographical map  Design a preliminary water distribution system  Work with Haiti ...