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  • Power Plant Waste Heat Utilization for Greenhouse Applications (Semester Unknown) IPRO 342 

    Aguirre, Marisol; Alvarez, Matthew; Bartus, Krzysztof; Chippo, Fatima; Fonk, Andrew; Harbour, Zachary; Hasbrouck, Joshua; Jeffcoat, Brooke; Jensen, Madeline; Kunkel, Emily; Lima, Nancy; Min Nam, Kyung; Patel, Tejash; Pope, Christopher; Qaisar, Samir; Zarazua, Gustavo; Zorra, I (2010-05)
    The goal of this project was to determine the feasibility of using the heated waste water from the Braidwood Generating Station for use in greenhouse applications. Though extremely efficient, the Braidwood Generating ...