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    Sun, Yanfang (2012-05)
  • Highrise with windturbine 

    Kang, Hyung ju (2012-05)
    This project is high-rise building with wind turbine. Entire mass is applied optimal design through the CFD simulation.High level community floors have a variety of space and ventilation to feel as base ground's activity.
  • Remixed: Reuse, Recycles, Mixed Use, Mixed Income 

    Hamburg, Michael (2012-05)
    A mixed use, mixed income proposal for the Chicago south side, adaptively reusing shipping containers to keep construction costs low
  • Howell Mountain Winery 

    Duggan, Michael (2012-05)
    Howell Mountain is a distinct and unique location in the heart of Napa Valley California. The 45 acres site rests on the mountain’s south west slopes and is planted with high quality grapes used in the production of red ...
  • re|build 

    Clithero, Katherine (2012-05)
    On May 22, 2011, Joplin, Missouri was struck by a powerful EF-5 tornado. The nearly one-mile wide tornado cut a path almost 22 miles in length, destroying over 7,000 homes and about 2,000 other structures. Among the ...
  • Center for Civil Disobedience 

    Pantazis, Steven (2012-05)
    An Architecture to formalize the process of civil disobedience. It raises awareness of the implications of the privatization of public space
  • WasteLESS Modular Housing 

    Emerson, Melissa (2012-05)
    This project aimed to create efficient housing for the average American with the ability to customize their home to their own needs, lifestyle, and aesthetics. In addition, the feasibility of pre-fabricated portions of ...
  • coLAB: an exploration in networked, collaborative & interactive spaces 

    Cousar, Kareem (2012-05)
    I am proposing to create a student housing hub for the various architectural colleges within the city of Chicago (IIT, UIC, SAIC & Colombia College). I am imagining not only making a physical connection but also creating ...
  • Hutong Skyscraper high-rise studio 

    Zhang, He (2012-05)
  • Fostering Synergy 

    Cooper, Andrea (2012-05)
    Fostering Synergy will create a community based support system by pairing young mothers outgrowing the foster care system with community matriarchs in need of companionship. Each generation has social and physical needs ...
  • Architectural Hybrid Studio 

    Emery, Jake (2012-05)
    The innovative institute blends the professionalism of the city with the teachings of a studio-based architecture school in the neighborhood of Bronzeville. Thus, this helps the students become exposed to the real world ...
  • PHOTONASTIC Innovative Facade Technology 

    Romero, Loretta (2012-05)
    PHOTONASTIC is a concept addressing the invention, design, production and potential implementation of a building integrated system. The system attempts to address the relationship between energy conservation and architectural ...
  • The Nomad 

    Waxali, Nadir (2012-05)
    Inspired by a need for personal space in a fast paced, highly mobile world, the nomad project combines the mobility and strength of a pickup truck with the convenience of a small living space. By combining a work space, ...
  • Improved Life Cycle Performance for Construction of Big Box Retail 

    Pidgeon, Amanda (2012-05)
    This project compares multiple construction materials and assemblies in order to find options which will improve the life cycle performance of retail big box structures, using Walmart Supercenters as a specific case study. ...
  • High-rise mix-use 

    Mei, Chuan (2012-05)
  • The world's playground 

    Yeon, Eungju (2012-05)
    Olympic cultural center for 2012, Korea
  • Mixed-use High-rise 

    Lei, Lei (2012-05)
    Located in an area that is multi-functionally operated, where old meet new, the tower is not to be a stand-alone artiface, but a new comer who can naturally fit in the existing surroundings. The curved outline of the ...
  • Introspective Landscape: Efficient Residential Housing 

    Allen, Nate (2012-05)
    This project is a contemporary revisit of the ideas behind Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian houses. The building consists of three separate dwelling units on the same lot, a variation from the typical Chicago three-flat in ...
  • Bridging the Gap: Multi-Generational Community Center 

    Lunn, Elizabeth (2012-05)
    This community center was designed to make connections between the different generations to create a truly united community, not just a neighborhood. Each generation has something that they can bring to others, but this ...
  • Jockey's Ridge Research + Education Center 

    Landon, Paul (2012-05)
    Recent litigation related to offshore oil drilling has threatened North Carolina’s beautiful shoreline and biodiversity. Furthermore, the Outer Banks have seen a drop in tourism over the past few seasons. With a research ...