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  • Interview with Chaz Evans 

    DeAnda, Michael (2014-11-14)
    Chaz Evans is the curator of the Video Game Art Gallery (VGA Gallery), a traveling exhibit established in 2013 that displays pieces of art from video games. VGA Gallery’s co-directors, Jonathan Kinkley and Chaz Evans, have ...
  • Interview with Chris Dammacco 

    McNamar, Sydney; Hernandez, Christopher; Nguyen, Michael; Takiddeen, Yasser; Garcia, Jonathan (2015-10-02)
    Chris Dammacco began as a cheese broker for the majority of Midwestern states until one day he confronted a video game shop owner about the poor treatment of his customers; the owner’s response was “If you don’t like the ...
  • Interview with Davin Loh 

    Klima, Zachary; Ma, Yunlong; Odutayo, Olufunlola; Yang, Sunny (2014-11-04)
  • Interview with Doc Mack 

    Bahena, Analy; Maciano II, Peter; Sense, Braden; Huff, Le Jalen; Oluduro, Olumide (2014-12-08)
    Asked about what he thinks of competition in the video game industry, Doc Mack says, “It's never a competition. It's video games. It should all be fun.” Doc Mack is the owner of Galloping Ghost, which currently holds the ...
  • Interview with George Spanos 

    Farrell, Taylor; Glavan, Thomas; Grzenia, Stephen; Wira, Phil; Zhang, Shuyu (2014-12-09)
    George Spanos is a game technician living in Schaumburg, Illinois. He works freelance around the Chicago suburbs at arcades and warehouses fixing whatever machines and cabinets are sent his way. Spanos’s first memories of ...
  • Interview with Jim Zespy 

    Barker, Thomas; Mei, Wei Shao; Elgin, Tobias; Mayorga, Ariana; Moy, Brian (2014-11-21)
    Logan Arcade is a new arcade-bar that opened just February 2014. It features over twenty-five pinball machines and forty-five vintage arcade-games. Owner Jim Zespy collects and restores arcade games, including those in the ...
  • Interview with Whitney Roberts 

    Best, Elizabeth; Czibor, Ryne; Shavers, Jeremiah; Wall, Alex; Daniel, Wente (2014-11-21)
    The history of the video game industry is filled with many people and events that helped develop and design how video games are currently accessed and perceived. As with all things however, this history tends to be swept ...