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  • Bar-Code and FIFO Systems Implementation at Shure (semester?), IPRO 313 

    Amanda, Bieberich; Hassaan, Bin Nassir; Abel, Blasco Comeche; Samuel, Cieszynski; Martin, Kim; Erika, Larsen; Hei, Chang Lee; Dong, Chul Lim; Bachum, Mataruke; Baroukh, Ovadia; Tanim, Taher (2005-12)
    The origin of this IPRO comes from the necessity of the company of tracking the items from start to finish. Due to the nature of the products, they have to pass several quality tests, and it is also important to keep track ...
  • Battery Powered Transport for Beach Launched Boats (Semester Unknown) IPRO 352 

    Bueno, Juan; Sklena, Brian; Cumar, Raghuveer; Tatkowski, Greg; Kim, Miry; Watts, William; McCabe, Mary; You, Jay (2010-05)
    The IPRO 352 team has investigated, experimented, and finally come up with a solution to the beach‐launched boat problem. They have worked together and designed an innovative catamaran transporter efficient enough to ...
  • Benchmarking and Evaluation of the IPRO Program (Fall 2003) IPRO 339 

    Aragaki, Koren; Cronin, Casey; Dudhat, Purvi; Samuels, Aaron (2003-12)
    The Fall 2003 project team, IPRO 339, will focus on IPRO benchmarking and market research, IPRO business strategy, IPRO marketing strategy, the automation of IPRO project management reporting and prepare to conduct the ...
  • Bloodvalve (Spring 2003) ENPRO 352 

    Ralhan, Taruna; Gonzalez, Raul; Glover, Brooke; Friedman, Jonathan; Kumar, Rajiv; MacDonald, Randy; Gellert, Christian; Ahmad, Mujtaba (2003-05)
    The BloodValve, a Handheld Blood Collection Device, Entrepreneurial IPRO (EnPRO) will be a project that provides IIT students with the opportunity to discover and reveal the issues that transform a product idea into a ...
  • BP Whiting Refinery Expansion: Developing Lake Michigan Wastewater Cleanup Options (Semester Unknown) IPRO 346 

    Ashrafi, Sahar; Ballard, Ray; Chock, Chris; Chung, Yak Yong; Fakhouri, Hana; Ferrese, Anthony; Fernando, Fernando; Haak, Laura; Hammes, Katherine; Kim, Jichul; Leasenby, Alex; Lewis, Richard; Li, Zhi; Malon, David; Michael, Henry; Park, Miri; Reimann, Kirsten; Roberts, Ben; Song, Jong Mu; Taracena, Willy; Truong, Josie; Ucci, Russel; Vassi, Anna; Walter, Michael; Witek, Andrew; Yoo, Jaewon; Zhao, Yin (2008-05)
    IPRO346 will focus on familiarizing itself with British Petroleum’s (BP) wastewater treatment plant (WTP) for its oil refinery in Whiting, IN. Specifically, this IPRO will analyze the current permits and their stipulations ...
  • Browser-Based Workgroup Collaboration (Spring 2001) IPRO 371-471 

    Prof. Price (Stuart) (2001-05)
    The objective of this project is to identify, evaluate and recommend a browser-based workgroup collaboration tool. The IPRO team will develop a requirement definition for a browser-based workgroup collaboration tool by ...
  • Building a Community Garden (semester?), IPRO 344 

    Chojnowski, Joeseph; Clemens, Natalie; Esparza, Saul; Gerges, Shahir; Hernandez, Veronica; Herrera, Stephanie; Hittie, Thomas; Lucid, Shannon; Peck, Edward; Pfau, Sara; Procaccio, Vincenzo; Samuels, Janina; Schaefer, Kristina; Siefkas, Kaylyn; Sweikert, Emma; Winter, Rachael (2006-07)
    IPRO 344 investigated methods for safe, low-cost community gardening in the urban setting. Most community gardens within large cities are sited in vacant lots that have been previously built upon. When the structures that ...
  • Building a Wireless Broadband Infrastructure to Support Maritime Applications (semester?), IPRO 305 

    Hendrickson, James; Dietz, Joe; Czuchra, Daniel; Kim, Brian; Calzaretta, Jack; Tenenbaum, Jason; Chung, Brian; Emelogu, Ike; Yousuf, Talha (2007-05)
    The objective of IPRO 305 is to build a wireless broadband network infrastructure along a local river to help Air2Access, an IIT University Technology Park Company, expand its maritime solutions offerings. We will do this ...
  • Building a Working Replica of Kolff's Rotating Drum (Spring 2004), IPRO 314 

    Abbasian, Niekoo; Antoniou, Antonis; Barta, Jennifer; Britt, Tim; Crendall, Dan; Das, Abhishek; Dawe, Robert; George, Ryan; Hannah, Rebecca; Hannink, Mary; Higashi, Andrew; Inouye, Brendan; Jungels, Ryan; Lin, Grace; Ram, Justin; Shrivastava, Archita; Stumph, Shawn; Sutalo, Joseph; Turturro, Michael; Tuthill, Chris; Vasu, Kedari; Vasquez, Sam; Whiting, Aaron (2006-05)
    This IPRO team has the unique opportunity to recreate, from the original plans, a working replica of the first clinically successful artificial kidney. Designed, built, and implemented in 1942, Willem Kolff’s rotating drum ...
  • Building an IPRO Knowledge Management System (Fall 2003) IPRO 338 

    Hochstetler, Ryan; Iychodianda, Chengappa; Nirwal, Preeti; Westenhaver, Michael (2003-12)
    Facilitate inter-team communication, Provide continuity between semesters, Provide a repository of all IPRO deliverables, Assist in locating experts,
  • Building and Implementing a Knowledge Management System (semester?), IPRO 339 

    Vance, Thorton; Dustin, Hendrickson; Ben, McInturff; Aron, Ahmadia; Atif, Khan; Hart, Wilson; Andrei, Pop; Mark, Riego de Dios; Justin, Vonashek (2005-05)
    The objectives of this project in a broad sense are to implement and facilitate the use of the iKNOW Knowledge Management System built in previous semesters of this continuing project. This team intends to improve ...
  • Building Consumer Awareness and Preference for Safe Foods (Semester Unknown) IPRO 336 

    Chauhan, Mark; Christensen, Carissa; Kari, Constantin; Kuebrich, Elizabeth; Kwon, Minjeong; Oke, Babajide; Rahnavard, Amir; Ray, Monmayuri; Stella, Meredith; Zhao, Yang (2008-12)
    The IPRO 336 team is working with National Pasteurized Eggs, Inc. to create and test a new marketing strategy for the Davidson’s brand pasteurized eggs. Pasteurized eggs are a reasonably new product in the egg industry ...
  • BUOY (Semester Unknown) IPRO 310 

    Amine, Mukarram; Antony, Claude; Chipman, Aubrey; Choi, Lien; Dykeman, Kimberly; Healton, Michaela; Jayanthy, Ashika; McKinley, Matthew; Noorts, George; Reilly, Jeffrey; Schafer, Michael; Taylor, Joseph (2010-05)
    This IPRO is working on the problem of creating an assistive device that will help blind and visually impaired (BVI) individuals exercise in a swimming pool and elsewhere with increased independence and also to present ...
  • BUOY (Semester Unknown) IPRO 310 

    Baar, Coleman; Dykeman, Kimberly; Hotz, Thomas; Kruse, Kevin; Kwiatkowski, Lisa; Lane, Brendan; Lopez, Roman; Reilly, Jeffrey; Sarkar, Smita; Sowiak, Joanna; Stelcel, Carl; Winston, Nithin; Zhou, Raymond (2009-07)
    Our mission is to develop, test, and implement assistive technology with the community that promotes safety and improves independence of blind and visually impaired (BVI) swimmers.
  • BUOY (Semester Unknown) IPRO 310 

    Baar, Coleman; Freund, Ryan; Kruse, Kevin; Li, Li; Ma, Zhi; Murdock-Barriball, Meghan; Ng, Man; Rehman, Mohammed; Reilly, Jeffrey; Turrentine, Lorne; Yew, Hsuen; Zhang, Bingjian (2009-05)
    The problem posed with blind and visually impaired (BVI) swimmers is one of safety and independence. BVI individuals need to be able to orientate themselves in a swimming pool and avoid obstructions like lane-lines, pool ...
  • BUOY (Semester Unknown) IPRO 310 

    Dykeman, Kimberly; Healton, Michaela; Lipman, Timothy; Ludwig, Ross; Park, Jay; Reilly, Jeffrey; Sarkar, Smita; Sirk, Phillip; Toro, Branden (2009-12)
    Our mission is to develop, test, and implement assistive technology with the community that promotes safety and improves independence of blind and visually impaired (BVI) swimmers.
  • Bus tracker (Fall 2003) EnPRO 371 

    Unknown author (2003-12)
    Our goal is to develop a cost effective bus tracking system based on affordable radio- frequency (RF) technology that will provide customers with reliable information, which they can use it to ensure the safety of their children.
  • Bus Tracker (Spring 2003) ENPRO 371 

    Maurer, William (2003-05)
    Goal is to develop a cost effective bus tracking system based on affordable radio-frequency technology that will increase customer satisfaction, safety and mass transit utilization.
  • Business Development Through BIM and Other Strategies For Electrical Contractors (Semester Unknown) IPRO 338 

    Baughey, Ethan; Hutches, Annie; Clarke, Anthony; Castellano, Kelly; Abdel-Salam, Thair; Pekalski, Tom; Larson, Tristan; Ma, Zhi; Kumontoy, Allton; Meeke, Megan; Rodriguez, Edgar (2010-12)
    The IPRO 338 task is to continue from past IPRO efforts in developing business strategies for electrical contractors through the use Building Informational Modeling (BIM). While past IPROs have focused on the efficiency ...
  • A Business Plan for the Production of Crumb Rubber by Solid State Shear Extrusion (Fall 2003) EnPRO 351 

    Unknown author (2003-12)
    Hamid Arastoopour in Chemical Engineering has developed and patented technology for processing scrap rubber from tires in an extruder. This technology breaks the chemical bonds that result in the rubber being vulcanized. ...