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  • Campus Branding/ Sustainability Image (Semester Unknown) 

    Barlow, Elliot; Chamales, Michael; Nadler, Anne; Contreras, Abraham; De Vita, Neils; Ishaq, Mohammad; Stultz, Adam; King, Richard; Gupta, Prairna; Song, Yunseok; Ono, Ashley; Ae Park, Ji; Korol, Phil; Mindock, Rae (2008-07)
    The overall aim of the project is to improve and enhance the image of IIT, both as an institution and a physical campus, as regards sustainability and “green” practices. To that end, the current semester is focused on ...
  • Campus Branding/ Sustainability Image (Semester Unknown) IPRO 311 

    Block, Shawn; Budzinski, Catherine; Chamales, Michael; Fontes de Faria, Gabriel; Kapecki, John; Ma, Justin; Milesic, Milanko; Mohan, Vinu; Rouben, Sacha; Tanapura, Nor; Toops, Melissa; Um, Hyeran (2008-12)
    The overall aim of the project is to improve and enhance the image of Illinois Institute of Technology, both as an institution and a physical campus, in regards to sustainability and “green” practices. To that end, the ...
  • Campus Branding/ Sustainability Image (Semester Unknown) IPRO 311 

    Bird, Steve; Choi, Migun; Crowley, Brian; Elg, Brianna; Henry, Steve; Horwath, Josh; Mindock, Rae; Nadler, Anne; Navarro, Jon; Perry, Nick; Romanelli, Brian (2008-05)
    The IPRO 311 Team’s overall objective is to create a conceptual design and branding of IIT as an eco-friendly campus, promoting sustainability to students, faculty and visitors. IPRO 311 is sponsored by IIT Marketing and ...
  • Capstone Design - Parking Garage (semester?), IPRO 315 

    Featherstone, Amanda; Ganason, Vina; Grosse, Christopher; Hiner, Ross; Jang, Young; Kazimi, Syed; Lee, Linda; Netherton, Daniel; Olson, Justin; Purpura, John; Rossman, Justin; Suik, Bradley; Thakkar, Chintan; Virani, Minaz (2006-12)
    The plan for this IPRO is to develop a design for a large scale parking garage that can accommodate about 500 cars and will be located on IIT’s main campus. The objective of this project is to develop a design that is ...
  • Carbon Footprint of Automobiles (Semester Unknown) IPRO 322 

    Bais, Rajiv; Burian, James; Choi, Lien; Fournier, Andrew; Mora, Andres; Rafalko, Susan; Shonekan, Morayomola; Swanston, Seantoia; Vasilev, Teodora; Yi, Won-Jae; Yu, Mary (2010-05)
    The goal of the IPRO 322 team is to develop and present a “User friendly” way of identifying vehicles with respect to the emission of greenhouse gases throughout their life cycle.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction (Semester Unknown) IPRO 329 

    Fong, Jessica; Kieser, Jeremy; Young, Julieann; Primm, Casey; Port, Graeme; Reznicek, Dustin; Pabba, Shabarinath (2010-07)
    Our team’s objective is to evaluate Oak Park’s different types of commercial and residential buildings in order to assess their current energy usage. We aim to use this information to reduce the carbon footprint of Oak ...
  • Cardiovascular Display for Pre and Post Natal (semester 1 of unknown), IPRO 341 

    Budiman, Alex; Dunaway, Eric; Lin, Grace; Moy, Calvin; Pitroda, Sean; Narayan, Justin; Ravella, Shalini; Shrivastava, Archita; Thakore, Suruchi; Tuthill, Christopher; Vankawala, Anand; Vasu, Kedari; Wright, Michael (2004-12)
    IPRO 341 worked with the science and exhibit development staff of the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) to develop a working prototype of a cardiovascular display of blood flow from a pre to postnatal system. MSI is ...
  • Cellular Towers In The Urban Environment (Semester Unknown) IPRO 344 

    Chan, Ronald; Chatman, Amanda; Divito, Michael; Dohm, Jacob; Ghafoori, Marc; Lee, Timothy; Perizes, Fotis; Reznicek, Dustin; Roberson, Jon (2010-05)
    The purpose of the IPRO is to consider a new generation of cellular towers specifically designed for the urban environment. The IIT campus will serve as a “representative” location on Chicago’s south side for purposes of ...
  • Chicago Embroidery Company: A Living Business Case (Semester Unknown) IPRO 356 

    Correa, Jessica; Kim, Jung-Jae; March, Paul; Natale, Vito; Nystrand, Tim; Puschkar, Jackie; Roman, John-Paul; Wilke, Kara; Wong, Jacintha (2008-05)
    Our goal for this IPRO is to update the Chicago Embroidery Co. market position in order to generate growth for the business. We expect the company to grow to a 5 million dollar business in three years. By the end of the ...
  • Chicago Sister Cities China: Fuel Cell/Geothermal Sustainable Energy USX Site (Semester Unknown) IPRO 345 

    Agose, Daisy; Bober, Eliza; Kumar, Abnishek Prabha; Leep, Nick; Yoshimura, Maruja; Yun, Suk Hwan; Lockridge, Jonathan; Chung, Yoon Sung; Dado, Mathew; Byrne, Richard; Ajigbo, Funso; Enadeghe, Gregory; Lee, Yun Jin; Hogan, Brian; Wolcott, Chris; Peavler, Jennifer; Kim, Jaehyuk; Park, Jae hyung; Park, Won woo; Zheng, Min; Hornero, Alex; Pelae, Raisa; Zarate, Nyah; Arnoux, Christian; Mukai, Cheryl (2008-05)
    A. Create a working software tool that assists in the capacity of planning, decision making and accessing the economic feasibility of implementing an integrated fuel cell technology and geothermal energy system. B. ...
  • ChlorAlert (Spring 2002) IPRO 353 

    Aziz, Naveed; Bobek, Robert; Gupta, Kapil; Jurjonas, Birute; Mirza, Naveed; Miyumo, Martin; Ogunlela, Oluwatosin; Prommintr, Preaw (2002-05)
    The prototypes for a railroad tank car monitoring system have been developed in prior IPRO projects. The prototypes now need to be developed into potential product form, beta tested, and evaluated both technically and from ...
  • Chujio (Semester Unknown) IPRO 303 

    Kumar, Aditi; Curtis, Christopher; Vysotskiy, Dmitriy; Ramirez, Ernesto; Abu-Amara, Hashem; Chun, Jason; Jewell, John; Varga, Kalman; Michael, Mark; Koto, Melanie; Tagny, Patrick (2010-12)
    Solutions through Coaliition
  • Church & School Energy Efficiency and Financing Program (sequence unknown), IPRO 328 - Deliverables 

    Ciuffini, Kathryn; Kim, Ja Young; Knapczyk, Robert; McKinley, Matthew; O'Brien, Patrick; Maddamma, Todd; Schafer, Michael; Soderling, Philip; Wedster, Bonnie (2009-12)
    The Fall 2009 IPRO 328 team envisions the development and ultimately execution of a volunteer program which would facilitate the implementation of energy saving improvements in a church and/or parochial school within the ...
  • CO2 Mitigation: A Techno-Economic Assessment (semester?), IPRO 302 

    Mustafa, Asma; Enverga, John; Godfrey, Jarrod; Kloppenborg, Ellen; Kolodziej, Martin; Lee, Da Hye; Park, Miri; Robinson, Vernell; Vrana, George (2007-12)
    The objective of this IPRO is to research and compile information on potential future CO2 environmental regulations, current CO2 mitigation technology, and CO2 sequestration techniques. In addition to this, research will ...
  • CO2 Mitigation: A Techno-Economic Assessment (Semester Unknown) IPRO 302 

    Vrana, George; Babjak, Alan; Lee, Dahye; McWethy, Courtney; Costanzo, Francis; Gonzalez, Daniel; Hwang, Taeho; Bart, Jeff; Baldwin, Timothy; Marheine., Joshua; Schillaci, Michael; Cheever, James; Guilfoyle, Jennifer; Ogata, Kenneth; Kit Ong, Wai; Konwar, Riju; Clark, Michael; Zajkowska, Urszula; Lazicki, Katherine; Pyciak, Mark; Kuhan Sivanyanam, Sithambara; Yaker, Farouk; Im, Sanghyuk (2008-05)
    Perform an in-depth analysis of all aspects of implementing the selected CO2 mitigation technology from the sponsor by researching methods of sequestration and designing CO2 removal equipment with the assistance of MATLAB ...
  • Coal Combustion Residual Solutions (Spring 2011) IPRO 302 

    Firnbach, Nicole; Agosto, Jennifer; Burnett, Shana; Enriquez, Sheena; Herman, Robert; Kipp, Daniel; Parker, Chad; Port, Graeme; Rafalko, Susan; Sanchez, Joseph; Gardner, Andrew (2011-05)
    Team Vision/Mission The purpose of the IPRO 302 team, sponsored by Sargent & Lundy, is to evaluate the environmental and cost impacts of closing an ash pond at an active power plant, as well as consider alternative ...
  • Collaborative Mobile Robot Surveyors (Fall 2003) IPRO 308 

    Stein, Sterling Stuart; Cantrell, Case; Collver, Aaron; Reed, Michael; Meyers, Chris; Lau, Sheryl; Yohman, Chance; Roberts, Williams; Stephenson, Garret; Malas, Robert (2003-12)
    Examine the need for error correction Develop means for measuring the distance the robot has traveled Create algorithm to dynamically adjust the signals sent to the motors to compensate for deviations
  • Comarch Customer Feedback Management System (semester?), IPRO 349A 

    Bavishi, Smit; Caughell, Ty; Gajewski, Bartlomiej; Sloniewski, Lukasz (2007-07)
    In a new and fast growing customer driven economy, successful businesses are relying on customer feedback to provide the best products and services. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Loyalty Management ...
  • Comarch Pocket XL (semester?), IPRO 349F 

    Jedynak, Miroslaw; Garcia, Francisco; Babel, Sebastian; Kijasm, Tomasz; Wasniowski, Michal (2007-07)
    The objective of this group is to produce barcode scanning software for warehouse acceptance. This means that when a warehouse receives an item (or items) information is generated about that item from its barcode that lets ...
  • Comarch Software Suire Improvement (semester?), IPRO 349B 

    Baranowski, Piotr; Szymanski, Wojciech; Berg, Adam; Lopez, Manuel (2007-07)
    The IPRO 349-3.2 project has as the primary objective to map four processes following the ITIL standards. While this is being done, the team will develop a series of recommendations to Comarch on how to analyze a client’s ...