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  • J2EE Versus .NET (Fall 2003) IPRO 337 

    Rami, Amit; Paspali, Edmond; Shah, Kunal; Amin, Poojag; Guinee, Roger; Vassilev, Stoyan; Bhat, Supreeth; Singhal, Divya; Patel, Hiren; Lobo, Meryl; Kurra, Rajesh; Sharma, Ruby; McCoy, Sunita (2003-12)
    Distributed computing has become quintessential in the business world for its ability to connect people with information and resources. Two available technologies that provide distributed computing are Microsoft’s .NET ...
  • Kalleidos (Spring 2011) IPRO 303 

    Rakauskaite, Ausrine; Siver, Ben; Pyrkh, Hanna; Kovacs, Hilary; Jewell, John; Jin, Keojin; Arroyo, Marcos; Michael, Mark; Koto, Melanie; Curran, Morgan; Kushaare, Rishi; Ri, Sujin; Liu, Xiaochen (2011-05)
    “Over the last few years there has been an explosion of different websites that allow average person to contribute different content such as pictures, comments, stories and reviews about places around them. While there are ...
  • Kayak Motors (semester?), IPRO 353 

    Greg, Albright; Alex, Popov; Mark, Kenar; Joe, Basgall; Michael, Wojcik; Bum, Kim; Minjoong, Kim (2005-12)
    Our IPRO is aimed at laying the groundwork for a small company that supplies attachable, battery-powered motors for kayaks. Throughout the world, water sports are a popular activity for families and couples that look to ...
  • Kids Invest Website (Spring 2002) IPRO 359 

    Bhatia, Juhi; Chang, Jennifer; Fong, Eric; Martinez, Samaria; Pifko, Nathan; Valkovich, Ksenia (2002-05)
    This IPRO will provide you with two experiences: Continue the business plan and marketing strategy for the IIT UTEC Design (IIT Usability Testing and Evaluation Center) and user test KidsInvest website for the Illinois ...
  • Know IIT Ales (Semester Unknown) IPRO 321 

    Adamczyk, Paul; Adebowale, Kolade; Faisal, Alanzi; Alhassan, Abdalmohsen; Amelio, Sam; Au, Bonnie; Choi, Minsung; Colmenares, Andre; George, Keller; Horn, Whitney; Husein, Amjed; Isbell, Tobiah; Johnson, Grahm; Krolikiewicz, Michael; Kyle, Ryan; Llarenas, Jordan; Lucas, India; Olorunoje, Kamal; Panchal, Heta; Raddatz, Andrew; Rajagopalan, Raksha; Rodriguez, Ricardo; Singh, Jaya; Somo, Sami (2011-05)
    Beer is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. The culture of brewing beer is one that continues to attract the attention of people from all walks of life. Beer can be differentiated one from another in terms of ...
  • Kolff's rotating Drum Artificial Kidney (semester?), IPRO 314 

    Niekoo, Abbasian; Abhi, Das; Brendan, Inouye; Shawn, Stumpf; Sam, Vazquez; Jennifer, Barta; Rebecca, Hannah; Ryan, Jungels; Joe, Sutalo; Aaron, Whiting; Tim, Britt; Mary, Hannink; Justin, Ram; Michael, Turturro (2005-12)
    The IPRO team will continue to work with the staff from the Museum of Science and Industry to develop a prototype of a cardiovascular- mechanical function display of the changes in pressure and flow that occur at the moment ...
  • Kranti Home for Sexually Trafficked Girls (Semester Unknown) IPRO 343 

    None, None (2009-12)
    To develop and design a home and center of education for girls who have been previously trafficked
  • Land O'Frost Formulation Improvement (Semester Unknown) IPRO 345 

    Alemayehu, Matti; Amegasse, Pierre-Paul; Hogan, Michael; Isoda, Mitchell; Li, Cheng; Mick, Emily; Torres, Edgar (2009-12)
    The purpose of this IPRO is to better understand the interdependent relationship of the Formulation process and its impact upon through time, productivity, and quality. We seek to suggest improvements to Land O’ Frost in ...
  • LANGUAGE LINK PROJECT PLAN (Semester Unknown) IPRO 363 

    Samelson, Monica; Balouki, Ashanti; Cole, Jacob; Freedman, Simon; Hook, Ian; Johnson, Erik; Johnston, Colin; Miller, Mitchell; Ou, Michael; Stoyanova, Dilyana; Vinas, Nattasha (2011-05)
    The mission of IPRO 363 - Language Link is to develop a social network website that connects IIT students to learn languages, integrate cultures and build friendships. The basis for this solution is an online framework ...
  • Large Scale Structure (Semester Unknown) IPRO 315 

    Aduroja, Oluwasesan; Aguilar, Fabian; Althoff, Sarah; Aubry, Curtis; Chock, Chris; Dewi, Fransisca; Dlugosz, Anna; Douglas, Carlie; Olson, Sarah; Rodgers, Lucas; Stroot, Jaimi; Aguirre, Arturo; Antonio, Christopher; Cantone, Kyle; Chong, Hon-Kyu; Forneris, Craig; Freund, Ryan; Khan, Qudsia; Laschiazza, Elizabeth; Muresan, Lucian; Rus, Bogdan; Scully, Dawveed; Steffen, Trent; Stenson, Amanda; Urdiales, Miguel; Yeung, Helen (2008-12)
    The intent of the IPRO 315 is to design a large-scale structure. The focus of this IPRO is structural analysis. The advisors of this group thought it would be even more interested if IPRO 335 and IPRO 315 would mesh together ...
  • Large Scale Structure (semester?), IPRO 315 

    Beltran, Julian J.; Carden, Joe; Dominikowski, Marek; Janulis, Lukas; Kapecki, John; Khudeira, Mohamad; Palladino, Nicholas; Patel, Saagar; Patel, Viral; Sawulski, Piotr; Shen, Jie-Hua; Stine, Elijah; Thomas, Seth; Williams, David; Zaatar, Yousef (2007-12)
    The IPRO 315 team’s objective for this semester is to design a automated car parking structure. However, the team’s main objective is to create the most cost efficient and space saving parking lot. This team will also ...
  • Large Scale Structure Design (Semester Unknown) IPRO 315 

    Brady, Brian; Butkovich, Paul; Chung, Chun; Dominikowski, Marek; Herbert, Greg; Hussaini, Muddasir; Magdel, Irina; Mallinger, Nicolle; Omeralovic, Enis; Palma, Jennifer; Rathakrishnan, Malar; Ratnani, Shoaib; Russeva, Diyana; Russo, Ben; Shim, Mary; Sisay, Mary; Varhegyi, Aron; Velichekov, Veselin (2008-05)
    The plan for this IPRO is to develop a design for a large scale parking garage that can accommodate about 500 cars. The objective of this project is to develop a design that goes beyond the standard parking systems used ...
  • Laser and Waterjet Technology (semester?), IPRO 323 

    Choe, Hyung; Ingvoldstad, Ben; Waller, Trevor; Nasir, Hassan; Gowani, Ali; An, Sangmin; Lie, Jimmy (2006-05)
    Gather information regarding the detailed specifications of how lasers and waterjets work. Examine the applications that lasers and waterjets can have in a variety of manufacturing processes. Compare which machinery ...
  • Legal Aspects Website (Spring 2002) IPRO 380 

    Krent, Harold (2002-05)
    Students will research, design, and build a web site to be hosted in the Ukraine at our partner university. The site is designed to teach viewers about important legal issues relating to e-commerce both internationally and ...
  • Lego Art (Semester Unknown) IPRO 361 

    Fink, Lee; Aldana, Manny; Brenecki, Sasha; Gruchalski, Erik; Heller, Kayla; Mohring, Michael; Prabhakar, Tanya; Rhee, Katherine; Trauner, Crystal; True, Ariel (2011-05)
    The purpose of this project is to open the necessary channels of communication and to gather after-­‐school initiatives to facilitate this extracurricular program.
  • Liquefied Natural Gas Technology (Fall 2003) IPRO 304A 

    Lindahl, Harold (2003-12)
    Design and model a production process for the manufacture of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Understand the economic aspects of running a facility and the worldwide market of LNG and its by products. To identify environmental ...
  • Logistics Outsourcing Tool (semester?), IPRO 319 

    Bae, Juhan; Cho, HyoungTae; Christopherson, Sean; Gunal, Amol Venkat; Hacker, Maxime; Hammer, Kerstin; Mehta, Kabir; Rodriguez, Tito; Romanova-Smith, Alexandra; Schwarz, Nickolay (2006-12)
    The IPRO 319 team’s objective for this semester is to create a model of a distribution operation which will aid companies seeking to outsource logistics operations. However, the team’s main objective is to create a web ...
  • Longitudinal Oscillator for Cardiac Arrest Victims (semester?), IPRO 332 

    Burica, John; Folz, Patrick; Justice, Grant; Valdez, Maribel; Krynski, Jakub; Patel, Alok; Ramirez, Hazel; Wei, Yun (2006-12)
    IPRO 332 begins an investigation of the use of mechanical shaker beds in a life-support capacity for beings with cardiac arrest. It will develop and continue research that was begun at the Miami Heart Research Institute, ...
  • Low-Cost Robotic Controller (Fall 2003) IPRO 358 

    Stine, James (2003-12)
    The goal of this interprofessional project will be to develop a test-bed system for a new device targeted at ECE 100 Introduction to Engineering. It may also be useful for an upper-level course in Hardware/Software Design ...
  • Low-Cost Water Pump Design/Testing to Serve Rural Villages (Semester Unknown) IPRO 323 

    Albee, Brian; Bailey, Nicholas; Burt, Jaucinta; Chan, Leon; Davila, Katty; Galbraith, Nicole; Leong, Erick; Liu, Jinting; Pajak, William; Rhode, Ellen; Sullivan, Joshua; Yarzak, Ryan (2008-05)
    The objective of IRPO 323 is to find and optimize a system to deliver drinkable water to communities that do not have easy access to water. Mainly in locating a water source accessible to the region based on geographical ...