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  • Machine Vibration Monitoring and Control Solutions for A. Finkl & sons (semester?), IPRO 331 

    Lipanovich, Rachel; Calik, Martin; Barnard, Leland; Lee, Christopher; Matute, Matthew; Schreckengost, Mark; Sanchez, Daniel; Cahan, Craig; Kunin, Vitaliy; Min, Kyoung-min; Song, Sung; Contreras Vega, Jose (2006-05)
    The purpose of this IPRO is to develop a system to automatically detect a problem with a mill at A. Finkl & Sons Co. The system with either turn the mill off or warn the operator when a tooth breaks, or some other irregularity ...
  • Maintaining and Implementing a Knowledge Management System (semester?), IPRO 338 

    Collard, Aaron; Crulcich, Jake; DeBiak, Carol; Edwardson, John; Hasija, Abhinav; Krzyzek, Piotr; Lam, Christopher; Meyer, Douglas; Ramakrishna, Sushanth; Roberson, Dennis; Robinson, Joy; Schramm, Dan; Tillmans, Mike; Wojtowicz, Norbert (2006-05)
    IPRO 338 project started in 2003 was designed to address the issue of knowledge transfer in the IPRO teams. Due to an 80% student turnover rate and few teams continuing across semesters a large amount of valuable project ...
  • Make It Happen (Spring2001) IPRO 338 

    Unknown author (2001-05)
    An ongoing IPRO project, created to provide sustainable commercial direction to the Avoidatrak concept as developed by inventor Julius Jones Jr. U.S. Design Patent Number 351,873 issued October 25, 1994 and entitled “Mobile ...
  • Map Reporting Component for Reports and CDN XL (semester?), IPRO 349D 

    Drzyzdzyk, Krzsztof; Hadou, Katherine; Schmit, Jessica; Warzynski, Przemyslaw (2007-07)
    IPRO 349 2.1 is focused on creating a prototype of a map reporting component that will be used as an addition to the ComArch Report Book software. The Report Book is a bundle of software used for data analysis that is not ...
  • Marketing Plan for WIIT (Fall 2003) IPRO 322 

    Hennigan, Tom; Dimitropoulou, Margarita; Gupta, Nishi; Tan, KaeBin; Brown, Michelle; Kirchev, Ivan; Ruseva, Snezhana; Vassiliou, Panayiota; Adu-Ayamfi, Kwaku (2003-12)
    To develop a marketing plan for WIIT 88.9FM which increases its popularity among the students, as well as provides the students with a better product.
  • Marketing Strategy for Pasteurized Eggs to Create Informed Customers (Semester Unknown) IPRO 336 

    LaRue, Robert; Morales, Eduardo; Rhee, Katherine; Scatchell, Anthony; Schiff, Eli; Sherer, Jordan; Sklena, Brian; Boykin, Dorcas; Choitz, Rachel; Fanizza, Francesco; Grabowski, Natalie; Jackson, Carlissa (2009-05)
    The purpose of The Safety Eggsperts’ project is to research consumer egg buying behaviors, what causes these behaviors, and how these behaviors can be leveraged, with the help of buzz and other marketing tactics, to sell ...
  • Material Renovation (Spring 2002) IPRO 308 

    Waller, Jennifer; Garland, Scott; Mujeebuddin, Rasheed; Rzewnicki, Brian; Kim, Sung-Min; Darnstadt, Katherine; Grey, Jeremy; Greenberg, Lee; Maas, Kim; Koniali, Rima; Giagrande, Alex; Hottmann, Candace; Coley, Chad; Dietz, Heather; Laatz, Jason; Johnson, Mike (2002-05)
    The goal of this IPRO project is to create a realistic proposal for renovating and restoring Crown Hall to Mies Van der Rohe’s original vision while still keeping the building functional for today. By following guidelines ...
  • Medical Informatics (Semester 1 of Unknown), IPRO 372 

    Desai, Parin; Desai, Ronak; Hajek, Jeremy; Kinnebrew, Heather; Percy, Jennifer; Phillips, Sean; Selsky, Joshua; Shah, Nirmal (2004-05)
    Software and hardware solutions that automate the organization, management and application of health care information.
  • Medical Informatics: Scoping Health Care Information Technology (semester?), IPRO 372 

    Barac, Predrag; Dhingra, Mehak; Herrera, Ricardo; Ladores, Alfred; Paruchuri, Samantha; Skuza, Oliver (2004-12)
    This IPRO team will explore the current state of software support for healthcare and will culminate efforts to provide conclusions regarding the state of medical informatics. This team will also develop display concepts ...
  • The Michael Reese Campus: An Interprofessional Urban Development Problem (Semester Unknown) IPRO 356 

    Abro, Anam; Anderson, Brieg; Bobak, Tadeusz; Brenner, Kevin; Brown, Damon; Cretiu, Peter; Cuevas, Jose; Ferrari, Howard; Jarosz, Michelle; Jeong, Hye Sun; Muyco, Michael; Spencer, Samantha (2011-05)
    IPRO 356 is a team of students from multiple disciplines tasked with the goal of designing a second anchor for the Michael Reese to accompany the planned continued care community designed by the previous semester’s IPRO. ...
  • THE MICHAEL REESE SITE (Semester Unknown) IPRO 359 

    Malik, Ajose,; Fraser, Linnea; Liu, Fangpeng; Martinez, Jocsan; Masnaga, Masnaga,; McNally, William; Medina, Omar; Miller, Nathan; Nava, Fabian; Steinys, Victoria; Strandquist, Brad (2011-05)
    At one time the Michael Reese Campus was a thriving mix of famous architecture and medical centers. Recently planned to be the home of the 2016 Olympic Village, with the loss of the bid the land has been abandoned. IPRO ...
  • Misuse Detection (semester?), IPRO 311 

    Lim, Jongmin; Cho, Young; Niedzinski, Peter; Sanchez, Gerardo; Soo, Jason; Alton, William; Holmes, Matt; Choriki, Justin; Jeong, HeeYeol; Hyc, Daniel; Malanowski, Mark; Nadji, Yacin (2007-05)
    The main problem the IPRO addressed was that of insider misuse. Contrary to popular belief, the largest threat facing companies on a technology level is not intrusion, but rather insider misuse. Insider misuse is a ...
  • Monitoring Safety of Railway Tank Cars (Fall 1999) IPRO 013 

    Gupta, Kapil; Zukauskas, Elena; Patel, Jayesh; Lin, Shan (1999-12)
    Railroad tank cars are efficient vehicles for the transport of large quantities of liquid commodities in North America. These commodities include foodstuffs as well as a wide range of chemicals use in the process industries. ...
  • MORE Life Project (Semester Unknown) IPRO 362 

    Aijazuddin, Ambreen; Barriball, Raymond; Beverage, Jenny; Eassa, Henna; Evia, Arnold; Handzel, Izabela; Joshua, Omaima; Khan, Faizan; Konkapaka, Sriskonkapa; Mandrekar, Urba; Park, Shin Young; Patel, Mansi; Rivas Duarte, Felipe; Slavcheva, Elena; Trevor, Andrew; Wolfe, Blake (2011-05)
    The objective of IPRO 362 is to understand the environment in which disaster victims are found and the human needs involved. Additionally, understanding the medical standards of sanitation, sterility and environmental ...
  • Motion Track Studios (Semester Unknown) EnPRO 351 

    Arrowood, Renee; Caughell, Ty; Collier, Cedric; Cornelius, Joel; Esbensen, Kirsten; Forneris, Craig; Gurnani, Sweta; March, Paul; Perle, Collin; Vice, Evan (2009-05)
    The objective for IPRO 351 is to evaluate the business opportunities for commercializing Motion Track Studios. We will do this by conducting research pertaining to primary competitors, the industry as a whole, consumers’ ...
  • MyWay: A Pervasive Computer Application (semester?), IPRO 305 

    Pope, Alex; Jastrzebski, Marcin; Gabel, Mike; Varshavskiy, Anton; Charles, Jodel; Gergees, Douglas; Kim, Kyu Hun; Procaccio, Vincenzo; Vijayan, Jeevan; Williams, Taylor; Orrison, Natalie; Siragusa, Jeri; Sutherlin, Emily (2006-05)
    The purpose of this document is to define goals that the IPRO 305 team wishes to accomplish for the Spring semester of 2006 and the outline of teams that will accomplish these goals. At a later date a document will be ...
  • Nana A Sustainable Restaurant (Semester Unknown) IPRO 371 

    Bajzek, Sasha; Boubel, Kenneth; DeBoth, Ray; Ellsworth, Seth; Hussaini, Bushra; Jeong, Hye Sun; Jin, Keo-Jin; Kavicky, Matthew; Kim, Kibum; Klusek, Natalia; Yun Lee, Sang; Lee, Sukmin; Margolis, Jordan; Mellom, James; Qi, Tianshu; Roth, Jessica; Geun Yun, Joong (2010-05)
    Nana Organic is a family owned organic restaurant in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood, offering lunch (and soon dinner) options with an emphasis on organic and sustainable produce. The owners of Nana, and IPRO 317’s ...
  • NASCAR Technologies (Fall 2001) ENPRO 363 

    Hampton, Chris; Jasin, Kevin; Radwanski, Luke; Jeon, Yong Ho; Lee, Jeongwoo; Dubois, Jim; Dees, Jon; Hoang, Phuc; Narwani, Dash; Ortega, Oscar; Zaheerullah, Sameer (2002-05)
    IIT Racing Inc. is a potential business conceived during the EnPRO class in the Spring semester of 2001. A group of students advised by Professor Beltemacchi started investigating NASCAR racing (with an emphasis on the ...
  • New Applications for Virtual Reality Training (semester?), IPRO 316 

    Jeong, Ahreum; Doolittle, Erik; Mead, Erik; Roe, Ian; Stanford, Jeffrey; Kim, Jeongshik; Knopp, Kyle; Malanowski, Mark; Cantoni, Nick; Steward, Shane (2007-12)
    We have quite a few objectives for this IPRO. Our first objective is to research into both industrial and mass market applications of the Product Animations technology. After this first objective, we take 2 paths. The first ...
  • New Harbor Village (Semester Unknown) IPRO 356 

    Balakierv, Konstantin; Brucato, Roberta; Dorn, Lawrence; Gallagher, Ellen; Gonzalez, Juan; Kim, Yoojee; Kwon, Steven; Matuszak, William; Patel, Abhishek; Wang, Ruoxi; Wang, Yani; Jong Kim, Churl; Marangoudakis, Chris; William, Paschal (2010-12)
    The aim of this project was to design a use for the area around the Michael Reese memorial. This area is currently unused and the city has asked for ideas to use the area. The previous IPRO had designed an extended living ...