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  • Oak Park Energy Efficiency & Carbon Reduction (Semester Unknown) IPRO 329 

    Muyco, Michael; Broda, Dawid; Jardim, Thiago; Lakin, Colin; Moceri, Michael; Dexter, Eric; Kim, Tae-Hoon; Lee, Seunggeun; Mohaimani, Aurash; Herman, Robert; Kungis, Andrew; Lim, Suk-Hyun; Park, Minah (2010-12)
    The overall purpose of the IPRO 329 team is to work with the Village of Oak Park in order to implement a strategic plan to educate Oak Park residents in making their homes more efficient and work toward a community wide ...
  • An Online Teachers Community for Chicago Public Schools (Semester Unknown) IPRO 320 

    Abbasi, Rawan; Enverga, John; Goldstein, Linda; Jafarey, Usman; Seung Kim, Min; Kruger, Evan; Mishra, Lory; Moses, Justin; Pasari, Shruti; Smith, Anthony; Zelenskiy, Aleksandr (2008-05)
    Our objective for this semester is to have a prototype of a web community to be used by teachers. The community will consist of 100 registered teachers and feature a front page, a forum, and a wiki with 50 complete articles. ...
  • Opening the door to the USHMM Archives with the Intranet Mediator (semester?), IPRO 311 

    Carbon, Joseph; Odriozola, Susana; Olatunde-Bello, Omolaoye; Olive, Daniel; Oster, Joshua; Rife, Carolanna; Tam, Chi (2006-05)
    The main focus of IPRO 311 this semester is to improve the Mediator by making it more attractive, accessible and user-friendly. Methods to improve the Mediator include making the necessary adjustments after user studies ...
  • Operation Kosovo (Summer 2003) IPRO 397 

    Perritt, Hank (2003-07)
    This IPRO team will have the responsibility of extending Operation Kosovo. Operation Kosovo is an IIT-Chicago Kent initiative to promote rule of law, democracy, civil society, and economic development in Kosovo. Students ...
  • Operation Marketing Gurus (Semester Unknown) IPRO 346 

    Coughlin, Dan; Hamann, Eric; Hasan, Hasan; Lipman, Tim; Milkic, Jelena; Park, Jay; Phillips, Zack; Tishler, Michael; Wilke, Kara (2009-05)
    The goal of Operation Marketing Gurus is to expand the customer base of Daco, Inc. We plan to achieve this through several objectives including:  Seeking new customers for existing Daco products  Researching new products ...
  • Operation Smooth Brews (Semester Unknown) IPRO 345 

    Haurberg, Soren; Kim, Kayoung; Kleps, Andrew; Pyle, Kiyomi; Roslund, Rich; Sarraf, Basel; Seo, Hee; Song, Junhyung; Stachowiak, Kyle; VanKley, Robert (2009-05)
    Operation Smooth Brew's mission is defined by working closely with Euclid Beverages to analyze its status quo warehousing processes and introduce sufficient enhancements to them.
  • Operational Considerations in Wind Power Generation (Semester Unknown) IPRO 303 

    Adeola, Olaoluwa; Catalina, Christopher; Cervantes, Jesus; Claxton, Sara; Erogbogbo, Samad; Fairall, Earl; Ike, Richard; Keane, Robert; Lakiotis, Kristina; Melko, Aaron; Michael, Mithun; Patel, Viral; Ruffatto, Donald (2008-12)
    The Fall 2008 semester of IPRO 303 will investigate and analyze the economic and technical details of the wind-turbine electricity generation industry. The IPRO 303 team will be focusing on the impact of equipment failures ...
  • Operator Information Tool to Manage Heat Treat Furnace Parts for A.Finkl & Sons (semester?), IPRO 330 

    Barnard, Leland; Cappello, Bill; Chen, Zheyan; Ijaz, Syed; O'Leary, Patrick; Roberts, Colleen; Schwalbach, Eddie; Tovalin, Ivan; Velten, Josef; Virani, Minaz (2006-05)
     To generate an accurate survey of temperature distribution within the furnace.  To determine a method of stacking that provides the most uniform temperature distribution.  To create an efficient and intuitive tracking ...
  • The Opportunities and Challenges of Mobile Devices in the Corporate Communication Environment (Semester Unknown) IPRO 310 

    Clemente, David; Huang, Stephen; Kitaka, Andrew; Knippen, Matthew; Maries, Marius; Mohan, Vinu; Peterson, Michael; Putylo, Marek; Siuty, Michal; Yanover, Rachel (2011-05)
    The goal of IPRO 310 is to aid Tellabs in embracing current mobile technology and applications so as to increase employee productivity. The IPRO 310 team is tasked with determining employee user groups, investigating ...
  • Optimum Design of a Solar Desalination Process (Spring 2002), IPRO 304E 

    Kulka, Anna; Lagunova, Natasha; Mustain, Bill; Nilsson, Lina; Parai, Rajarshi; Patel, Ronak; Phillips, Shannon; Sawardecker, Erin; Sokhan, Iryna; Volberding, Beth; Walden, Jennifer (2002-05)
    In addition to a process design topic which will be the focus of each of the six teams, the students joining this IPRO 304 will be responsible for identifying, investigating, analyzing and addressing therange of complex ...
  • Oral History of Pilgrim Baptist Church (Spring 2003) IPRO 334 

    Unknown author (2003-05)
    Preserve the history of Pilgrim Baptist Church, Enhance relationship between IIT and surrounding community, Interview members of the Church, Develop an annotated bibliography, Develop a website, Produce digital, video, and ...
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics in Latin America (Semester Unknown) 

    Ashley, Trevor; Claxton, Matt; Conover, Stephen; Gotanco, Francis; Mathai, Alexander; Nizich, Adam; Park, Yong; Quikr, Kerry; Ray, Monmayuri; Vasquez, Raul (2009-12)
    The overall goal of our IPRO team is to create a program for delivering orthotics and prosthetics that is sustainable. This will be accomplished by improving the quality of the product by increasing availability of funding, ...
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics in Latin America (Semester Unknown) IPRO 309 

    Antony, Claude; Bhatia, Mrigank; Castro, Manuel; Fischer, Stephanie; Hallgren, Caleb; Harris, Raymond; Kovacs, Cristina; Madere, Danielle; Rial, Alexander; Salgado, Chris (2008-12)
    Many people around the world are in need of orthotic and/or prosthetic care due to pathologies that cannot be effectively treated any other way. There is a great need for establishing and sustaining educational opportunities. ...
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics in Latin America (Semester Unknown) IPRO 309 

    Chan, Wen; Fistek, Christopher; Garczek, Katherine; Link, Krystian; Luttinen, Alexandra; Muller, Michael; Rovegno, Olivia; Shaw, Jessica; Song, Matthew; Sosa, Rafael; Williams, Sydney; Zahir, Soha (2010-12)
    Helping in Orthopedic and Prosthetic Education
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics In Latin America (Semester Unknown) IPRO 309 

    Ashley, Trevor; Fischer, Stephanie; Kim, Joseph; Kumontoy, Allton; Lasowsky, Oksana; Miller, Luke; Sardi, Carlos; Shaw, Jessica; Song, Matthew (2010-05)
    There exists a strong demand for orthotics and prosthetics (O & P) in Latin America, with approximately 2.5 million people in need of this type of care. IPRO 309 was started in the spring of 2006 with the goal of helping ...
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics in Latin America (sequence unknown), IPRO 309 - Deliverables 

    Ashley, Trevor; Claxton, Matt; Conover, Stephen; Gotanco, Francis; Mathai, Alexander; Nizich, Adam; Park, Yong; Quikr, Kerry; Ray, Monmayuri; Vasquez, Raul (2009-12)
    The overall goal of our IPRO team is to create a program for delivering orthotics and prosthetics that is sustainable. This will be accomplished by improving the quality of the product by increasing availability of ...
  • Our Energy Future (Semester Unknown) IPRO 332 

    Colburn, Charleen; Fujimoto, Haruko; Galo, Audrey; Guglielmo, Kyle; Jackson, Carlissa; Jurasits, Joseph; Ndoping, Marco; Rennard, Maile; Reynolds, Crystal; Roslund, Richard; Szpiech, Paulina (2008-12)
    Very little unbiased information is available to the general public about energy needs, concerns, and sources. The philosophy behind IPRO 332 is that people should be sufficiently educated about their own energy choices ...
  • Our Energy Future (Semester Unknown) IPRO 332 

    Aguilar- Wedge, Carmen; Garcia, Alfredo; Connley, Kaitlyn; Mey, Andrew; Rennard, Maile; Stanley, Samantha; Bunda, Dariusz; Bunda, Dariusz; Stone, Sarah; Nguyen, Minh; Mehta, Rohan; Jones, Alex Di Sciullo; Walczuk, Matthew; Galo, Audrey (2008-05)
    Our objectives for this semester are to: (1) Develop a teaching kit containing curriculum to present the Ecological Footprint module and instructional materials designed to help teachers teach the module. Use the teaching ...
  • Our Energy Future (Semester Unknown) IPRO 332 

    Hmadouch, Ahlam; Lagiglio, Mike; Leingang, Sarah J.; Martin, Andy; Osborn, Tony; Pfau, Sara; Romanova-Smith, Sasha; Ziegel, Kurt (2007-05)
    IPRO 332’s objective is to develop the groundwork for a tool, to be implemented either in Chicago Public School classrooms or community centers, which will deliver balanced, non-biased information to its constituents about ...
  • Our Energy Future: Lessons in Sustainability (Semester Unknown) IPRO 332 

    Vega, Mayra; Chavez, Jorge; Chin, Jason; Grande, Gina; Tyler, Micheal; Lay, Livia; Randle, Jennifer; Weiner, Andrew; Johnson, Ross; Mccloat, Declain; Nguyen, Nam; Olechno, Patrick; Zajac, Gregory (2009-12)
    Ipro 332 is in its sixth and concluding semester and has become a well established project. The strong work of previous semesters’ teams has given the current team a good base to start from in furthering our goal ...