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  • ParaSpace (Spring 2001) IPRO 597 

    Chang, Sok-min; Desai, Devesh; Girtley, Jason; Thulaseedas, Jolly; Udar, Aniruddha (2001-05)
    ParaSpace is a series of products and furniture elements which cater to an architectural space of an organization.
  • Parental Involvement Project for Bronzeville Public Schools (Spring 2003) IPRO 303 

    Awolola, Yetunde; Cruz, Emerald; Escasa, Julie Anne; Leos, Stephen; Modjeski, Amanda; Stanton, Moore; Perera, Joe; Rathod, Daisy; Ravella, Shalini; Shell, Stuart (2003-05)
    The goal of this project is to assist our client, the Lugenia Burns Hope Center, expand an already-established parents organization serving seven of Bronzeville's public schools: Doolittle West, Dootlittle East, Raymond, ...
  • Partner Experience Management for Multioperator and Warehouse Counting Systems (semester?), IPRO 349E 

    Lukasik, Lukasz; Mucha, Adam; Pannenko, Philip; Wong, Elizabeth (2007-07)
    Located in Krakow, Poland, IPRO-349 is different from any other IPRO that has been implemented to date. Unlike its Illinois Institute of Technology counterparts, IPRO-349 is a study abroad, an internship and a partner ...
  • Patient Satisfaction (Semester Unknown) IPRO340 

    Acacio, Kevin; Apyan, Aram; Chiem, Edward; Dushay, Mitchell; Kapaldo, James; Kim, Paul; Lewis, Phil; Mares Araiza, Rodolfo; Orekoya, Moyosoreoluwa; Prusak, Mateusz; Sahni, Sakshi; Smith, Amanda; Spitler, Noah; Stomlin, Stephen; Zahir, Soha (2009-05)
    ACCESS Healthcare is committed to excellent service in each step of the patient experience. In order to learn what elements of the experience need improvement, patients are surveyed at each of the 50 clinics, and the ...
  • PB Our Space- A Parsons Brinckerhoff Project (Summer 2011) IPRO 320 

    Bell, Vince; Kavicky, Matthew; Khan, Taimoor; Kohli-Lynch, Ciaran; Leevathana, Nick; McBride, Phillip; Nguyen, Hao; Vargas, Abigail; Wilkinson, David (2011-07)
    Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB) is an engineering, construction, technical, and management services firm that provides diverse solutions to private industrial customers worldwide, as well as to federal, regional, and local ...
  • PEM Fuel Cell Power Generation System (Fall 1999) IPRO 016 

    Kim, Jeom-Soo; Solesi, Seun; Hadley, Tim; Kyriakides, Elias; Kelly, Peter; Durodola, Mobolaji; Hadley, Alexis; Schafer, Jochen; Khan, Junaid; Buck, Richard (1999-12)
    - Demonstrate the application of solar energy in a high tech integrated (hybrid) system - Create interest and initiate contact with the industry - Initiate contacts with the local community and search for applications of ...
  • PEM Fuel Cell Technology (Semester Unknown) IPRO 318 

    Adebole, Kolade; Aguirre, Marisol; Baker, Kathleen; Booher, Steven; Corson, Elizabeth; Dorr, Elena; Khan, Anam; Kloppenborg, Ellen; Kunkel, Emily; Marks, Matthew; Massoud, Hussein; Matezic, Samira; Mocny, William; Nicholson, Bethany; Shpuntova, Galina; Smith, Adam; Swillum, Bryce; Willett, Joshua; Zellarchaffer, Priscilla; Zhao, Yin; Zwibelman, Hannah (2009-05)
    1. Evaluate the feasibility of PEM fuel cells in commercial application, including military and defense, automotive, aerospace, and other specialties 2. Investigate industrial and commercial technicalities of PEM fuel ...
  • Personal VTOL Aircraft (semester?), IPRO 317 

    Chankov, Teodro; Dalton, Edward; Honore, Brandon; Meyer, Chad; Naselli, Adam; Qadir, Mohammed; Rozier, Paul; Szwajnos, Joanna; Tenenbaum, Jason; Ziskovsky, Anthony (2006-05)
    The primary objectives of the testing group are to: 1. Verify the flight tests performed during the previous semester. 2. Confirm the sustainability of the engine and the reliability of control. 3. Verify the ability ...
  • Personal VTOL Aircraft (semester?), IPRO 317 

    Cerra, Anthony; Howard, Jason; Misurac, Matt; Oh, Daniel; Pajak, William; Patek, Alan; Poli, David; Qadir, Mohammed; Rozier, Paul; Whittlesey, Robert (2006-12)
    The first and primary objective of IPRO 317 is to continue advancing the existing prototype towards full flight worthiness. This will be achieved through several overhauls of existing parts, as well as through consultation ...
  • Personal VTOL Aircraft (semester?), IPRO 317 

    Jesse, Collins; Doug, Elkins; Akash, Garg; Brandon, Honore; Vikram, Kumar; Sean, McCann; Kabir, Mehta; Julia, Northrop; Neal, Patel; Ben, Smith (2005-12)
    IPRO 317 is the exciting step into Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. Its goal is to design, showcase, and eventually deliver a personal VTOL aircraft. This IPRO has existed for several years now and is reaching ...
  • Pervasive Computing (semester?), IPRO 357 

    Pope, Alex; Fields, Erick; Dietz, Joseph; Hernandez, Jennifer; Lao, Kimberly; Krauss, Michael; Wallenberg, Ryan; Sutherlin, Emily; Powell, Karina; Lam, Brian; Hun, Kim Kyu; Tugade, jesus Allan; Conti, Joseph; Varshavskiy, Anton (2006-12)
    The objectives of IPRO 357 are two-fold: explore and expand how myWay could fit into a viable business model and continue the exploration of context-sensitive touring with the development of gWay. These tasks will be divided ...
  • Pervasive Training (Semester Unknown) IPRO 317 

    Bailey, Preston; Bennett, Noelle; Callan, Mark; Cho, Andrew; Dasari, Sravya; Hassan, Ismail; Lutgendorf, Michael; Noorts, George; Orawiec, Paul; Peprah, Nana; Reddy, Swathi; Fatima Rizvi, Syeda; Singh, Archana (2011-05)
    The team for IPRO 317 is tasked with working on developing a pervasive training program. This program will integrate various psychological and technological applications. As such the team working on this project has split ...
  • Philosophy 370 : Moral Issues in Engineering 

    Weil, Vivian (2009-08)
    Syllabus of the Fall 2009 undergraduate course, Moral Issues in Engineering, taught by Dr. Vivian Weil.
  • The Pilgrim project: IIT and the Stroll (Fall 2003) IPRO 332 

    Wadhwani, Steven; Lambert, Bob; Cleveland, Rayshaun; Ortega, Uriel; Velazquez, Itzi; Kim, Young (Hannah); Matthews, Stuart; Gonzalez, Ricardo; Vinz, Charles; Dederer, Christian; Edwardson, John; Day, Jasen; Hadhazy, Melissa; Iyare, Jackie; Rush, Wyatt; Adams, Aaron; Watanabe, Elissa (2003-12)
    This project will assist Pilgrim Baptist Church in developing archival, instructional, and commercial materials for the non-sectarian Thomas A. Dorsey Community and Cultural Arts Center, which will be located at the corner ...
  • Pilot Study in Mexico for KlarAqua Water Filtration System and Business Planning (semester?), IPRO 355 

    Grimmer, Laura; Gilliam, Amanda; Lemley, Shea; Llyod, Brandon; Ikonomov, Petre; Staley, Samantha; Hadou, Kit; Topgi, Snehalata (2006-12)
    The main objective of the IPRO is to improve health conditions in low-income societies, specifically Mexico, by the design and implementation of a water filtration system. In previous semesters, the filtration system has ...
  • Piston and Piston Pin Manufacturing Process Improvement (Semester Unknown) IPRO 339 

    Akhambay, Assyl; Barrera, Edilberto; Binder, Dylan; Douh, Wahib; Seon Heo, Yun; King, Terrance; Ko, Hyunseok; Kolesnikov, Andrey; Simen, Sandrine; Perle, Collin; Truong, Guy; Ustupski, Krystian (2011-05)
    The team of IPRO 339’s main objective is to assist Burgess-Norton Manufacturing Company with eliminating a persisting problem that has been affecting the company for many years. Burgess-Norton Manufacturing Company is the ...
  • Planning for Human Implantat ion of a Cor t ical Visual Prothesis (Semester Unknown) IPRO 306 

    Rust, Andrew; Tian, Dan; Sadja, Joel; Blackketter, Josh; Ragauskis, Kevin; Assaliyski, Marin; Tran, Minh; Mathes, Peter; Jain, Saurabh (2008-12)
    Over the years there has been intensive research on visual prosthesis around the world and significant technological advancements have been made. The Intracortical Visual Prosthesis Team (IVP) at IIT has been researching ...

    Bern, David; Chen, Shanyl; DeRoo, Mary; Gorski, David; Kelley, Tom; Leasenby, Alex; Li, Harry; Subhani, Maham; Taneja, Aanchal (2009-12)
    We are providing a consultation to the sponsor, the IIT Visual Prosthesis Team, on how to proceed with preparation for human implantation of their intracortical visual prosthesis, which will be accomplished by researching ...
  • Planning for Human Implantation of a Cortical Visual Prosthesis (sequence unknown), IPRO 334 - Deliverables 

    Bern, David; Chen, Shanyl; DeRoo, Mary; Gorski, David; Kelly, Thomas; Leasenby, Alex; Li, Zhi; Pyrkh, Hanna; Subhani, Maham; Taneja, Aanchal (2009-12)
    The Intracortical Visual Prosthesis is based upon that concept that by implanting a large number of subminiature electrodes within the human visual cortex, coordinated temporal-spatial image information can be artificially ...
  • Planning the 21st Century Urban Farm: From High Rise to Neighborhood (sequence unknown), IPRO 336 - Deliverables 

    Bhatti, Talha; Binet, Adrien; Bredau, Jason; Chen, Emily; Davis, Jacob; Gaonkar, Gaurav; Garcia, Raul; Guerrero, Fernando; Gulling, Richard; Kagehiro, Michael; Moshfeghian, Elnaz; Nunez-Gimeno, Jose; Phillips, Zachary; Plumb, Isaac; Ryan, Emily; Skaggs, Jake; Sobon, Konrad; Valmores, Travis (2009-12)
    The purpose of this IPRO is to establish a strong foundation for the future of urban agriculture. The growing problems regarding the traditional methods of agriculture, and the rate of growth of the world population, the ...