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  • Ramovation (Summer 2011) IPRO 364 

    Chlebek, Alicia; Mier, Fernando; Durbin, Grace; Pangere, Nick; Jureidini, Jad; Wylie, William; Oskierko-Jeznacki, Evan; Law, Joseph; Weir, Joanna; Durbin, Kay; Lamoureux, Courtney; Sakib, Nazmus; Marx, Michael; Seryapin, Igor (2011-07)
    IPRO 364: Ramovation has the great opportunity to assist our community partner, Save the Ramova organization, in the development of preliminary design and business opportunity assessments for the renovation of the Ramova ...
  • Ramovation: INSPIRING BRIDGEPORT (Semester Unknown) IPRO 364 

    Durbin, Grace; Durbin, Kay; Ghafoori, Marc; Miller, Matthew; Perez, Alicia; Vasquez Jr., Raul; Elslager, Jonathan; Ajose, Malik; Yun Lee, Sang; Suleiman, Leena; Chaney, Robert; Fernandez, Louis; Heffernan, Paul; Angeles, Jose; Pancham, Kyle; Joshi, Sharvesh; Marx, Michael (2011-05)
    The aim of this IPRO was to assist our community partner the Save the Ramova Group, in developing new ideas for the renovation of the Ramova Theatre, which is located on the south side of the cross street of 35th and Halsted ...
  • Rapid Manufacturing of Casters (semester?), IPRO 312 

    Blasco Comeche, Abel; Bansal, Mohit; Dave, Udit; Choi, Mike; Gomes, Relana; Park, Kue-Dong; Sherrod, Jim; Asherman, Will; Thiam, Aicha (2006-05)
    The objective of this IPRO is to investigate techniques for rapidly and effectively manufacturing casters to satisfy “rush orders” for special casters. Conventional manufacturing is based on part-specific tooling suitable ...
  • A Recyclables Business Model for IIT (Semester Unknown) EnPRO 352 

    Wright, Sarah; Fraser, Linnea; Kim, Joseph; McCabe, Mary; Goduco, Mike; Ramirez, Hugo; Vega, Daniel; O’Toole, Bill; Shin, Eddie; Cumar, Raghuveer (2010-12)
    contain the employees necessary to run and maintain the multiple programs which will be controlled by the Student Recycling Business. This business will also be in charge of creating events which will help to get the ...

    Jurczak, Adam; Bouck, Ryan; Mukashanibo, Marine; Gibbons, Jennifer; Popa, Crina; Yanyshyn, Iryna; Pytel, Michael; Pistello, Steve; Dosky, Benton; Canelo, Freddy; Stellwag, Tyler; Achs, Jonathan (2010-12)
    “Our team would like to rehabilitate the 37 acre area around what remains of the Michael Reese Hospital. Since the loss of the 2016 Olympics the site has fallen into disrepair, our mission is to bring the site out of its ...
  • Refuable Electric Car (Semester Unknown) IPRO 313 

    Ashworth, Christopher; Castaneda, Anthony; Day, Joshua; Enwerem, Chinonso; Fairbanks, David; Gibbs, Jeremy; Guo, Kunlun; Hong Ip, Young; Kim, Yoosuk; Kocagoz, Sevi; Oblenida, Ryan; Ramirez, Alejandro; Shpuntova, Galina; Vetter, Price; Zaug, Julia (2010-05)
    To make significant strides toward creating a working prototype of a refuelable electric vehicle using a zinc air battery and to raise public awareness of the potential of this technology.
  • Refuable Electric Cars (Semester Unknown) IPRO 313 

    Chatman, Amanda; Gasca, Victor; Henriquez, Yuri; Huang, Ken; Kanzelmeyer, Joshua; Kim, Suro; Leresche, Mike; Matezic, Samira; Maus, Dylan; Meier, Alan; Micic, Stanislav; Nettles, Raymond; Njoagwuali, Tuesday; Patel, Neelkumar; Perez, Cristina; Rojo, David; Romero, Jorge; Stanard, Steve; Syed, Omar; Terry, Milton; Urizarbarrena, Mikel; Vazquez, Manuel; Vetter, Jonathan; Wisniewski, Jerome; Zhurgenbayeva, Aida; Ziman, Charlie (2011-05)
    The overall conflict that IPRO 313 is trying to resolve is the dependency on oil as a fuel source for automotive vehicles. Along with the global and financial concerns that go along with oil as a fuel source, there has ...
  • Refuelable Electric Vehicle (Semester Unknown) IPRO 313 

    Gaisina, Vladeilena; Miranda, Jose; Garza Rodriguez, Hector; Guo, Kunlun; Jalan, Arjun; Kim, Taehoon; Miranda, Jose; Palacios, Edgar; Leach, Samantha; Shim, Ruth; Syed, Omar; Xu, Ran; Ziman, Charlie; Qureshi, Mirriyam (2010-12)
    In light of the global sustainability movement, several mainstream ideas and designs for low to zero carbon emission vehicles have been developed. In the case of all electric vehicles (EVs), Li-Ion batteries seem to be the ...
  • Renovation of Alumni Memorial Hall (semester?), IPRO 335 

    Ford, Brad; Kim, Youjoung; Oh, Hyunjoo; Reid, Rebekah; Woods, Nataniel; Babel, Alek; Dow, Dan; Kazi, Syed; Helland, Matt; Szajokowski, Jared; Tambah, Prince; Gibbs, Matt; Edwards, Tamakia; Uecke, Jeffrey; Uecke, Steve; Wegrzyn, Celeste; Atanassova, Tania (2007-05)
    IPRO 335’s objective is to focus on starting the renovation and design of Alumni Memorial Hall used by the Civil and Architectural Engineering Department. This is the first semester this IPRO has been offered. Our ...
  • Research on Financial Web Sites Designed for Teenagers (Fall 2001) IPRO 359 

    Paniagua, Elizabeth; Fong, Eric; Lee, Jeanie; Kim, Eunjoo; Noh, Hajeong; Tomov, Asian (2001-12)
    The proliferation of the Internet in recent years has led to more people using, and being confused by, computer interfaces. Usability testing is a formal laboratory procedure used to identify problems with user interfaces ...
  • Research Web (Semester Unknown) IPRO 321 

    Abhay, Anandha; Cornelius, Zachary; Corsus, Tom; De Courten-Myers, Maximilian; Eberlin, Adam; Kapaldo, James; Nicholson, Bethany; Sizyuk, Yuriy; Sundberg, Stephen (2009-12)
    The focus of our IPRO project was ResearchWeb, an IIT-centered interactive website allowing students and faculty to share research data, discuss their research findings, and find research opportunities. Our team brought ...
  • Research Web (Semester Unknown) IPRO 321 

    Geelen, Jeremy; Arroyo, Marcos; Dasari, Sravya; López, Manuel; Craig, Titilayo; Edlinger, Erhan; Knapp, Cory; Wahlstrom Helgren, Sarah; Yates, Andrew (2010-05)
    IPRO 321 has the task of facilitating the performance of undergraduate research in the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) by creating a website called ResearchWeb that integrates and connects undergraduates with ...
  • Researching, Designing, Testing, and Evaluating IPRO Program Enhancements (Semester Unknown) IPRO 301 

    Bryant, Kristin; Gandhi, Angela; Kibilko, Margaret; Kolb, Hannah; Ptak, Treyson; Shi, Heling; Wood, Carolyn (2008-05)
    The IPRO program at IIT, since its inception in 1995, has become a signature program of the school for it not only benefits participating students but also the corresponding sponsors and prospective employers of IIT ...
  • Residential Rain Water Harvesting (Semester Unknown) IPRO 344 

    Al-Sabah, Mohammad; Gubser, Michael; Kirkpatrick, Alysa; Martin, Shuana; Martinez, Juan; McCloat, Declain; Munir, Muqadas; Murray, Sean; Newman, Adam (2010-07)
    There is evidence that people have been harvesting rainwater since 4000BC. The Roman Empire developed an intricate infrastructure to direct water to be used for irrigation and sanitary purposes. For the most part, modern ...
  • Resource Consumption Awareness in the Home (semester?), IPRO 334 

    Cawvey, Jessica; Christensen, Carissa; Dannhausen, Anna; Fischer, Jordan; Henson, Jessica; Herrera, Stephanie; Jones, Sarah; Kestner, John (2007-05)
    People are inadequately informed about their energy consumption behaviors in the home. Providing real time feedback at the point of decision making will enhance consumer awareness of energy consumption, and potentially ...
  • Robbins Community Power (RCP) (Semester Unknown) IPRO 347 

    Charles, Joe; Evenhouse, Josh; Park, Patrick; McCluskey, John; Duarte, Julia; Mulcahy, Liam; Gaisina, Vlada (2010-07)
    The IPRO 347 team intends to seize the opportunity given by Robbins Community Power (RCP) to improve the efficiency of the power plant. RCP plans to convert the facility from its original role as an incinerator into a ...
  • Robbins Community Power (RCP) (Semester Unknown) IPRO 347 

    Abankwa, Kevin; Alhassan, Kolade; Apampa, Kunle; Bukowska, Angelika; Drecoll, Daniel; Ernst, William; Ibrahim, Suliman; Jung, Young; Kunkel, Emily; Morton, Stacy; Mulcany, Liam; Munoz, Matthew; Olorunoje, Kamaldeen; Kyeong Park, Bo; Pham, Anne; Singh, Java (2010-12)
    The IPRO 347 team intends to seize the opportunity given by Robbins Community Power (RCP) to improve the efficiency of the power plant. RCP plans to convert the facility from its original role as an incinerator into a ...
  • Robbins Community Power (Summer 2011) IPRO 347 

    Ahn, Yoona; Alhassan, Abdalmohsen; Johnson, Ashleigh; Khan, Nomair; Kois, Carolyn; Munoz, Matthew; Toy, Robert; Young, Julieann (2011-07)
    IPRO 347 is a continuation of an IPRO, which previously explored ways to utilize waste heat and CO2 from Robbins Community Power Plant. The concluding thought from that project was that the plant would need to select a ...
  • Robotic System Applications to Healthcare and Elderly Living Environments (Semester Unknown) IPRO 334 

    Cink, Jefferey; Clauer, Harmony; Frey, Brent; Garfinkle, Faye; Kaushik, Srinighi; Mooney, Kevin; Parikh, Harshill; Patel, Payaal; Salamanca, Juan; Shindo, Grant; Surendran, Prash (2009-05)
    Robotic System Applications to Healthcare and Elderly Living Environments
  • Robotics Initiative at IIT (Fall 2003) IPRO 316 

    Wegscheid, Jacqueline; Chen, yuan; Sharma, Ankur; Chen, Teng; Yum, Ju-Il; Woo, Keon; Yadlapalli, Deepti; Kim, Kitae; Wook, Dong (2003-12)
    Research into robotics program at other universities. Introduce robotics as a major part of the academic curriculum. Acquire knowledge and hands-on experience in constructing and understanding of robotic units via 4 main ...