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  • The Scoliosis Project (Spring 2003) IPRO 319 

    Beckman, Jonathan; Bhatia, Mayank; Bhatt, Ajay; Guerra, Jorge; Jayarajan, Senthil; Kalyanaraman, Ganesh; Kaushal, Megha; Krug, Abby; Lakhia, Ronak; Lonergan, Keira; Mathew, Elizabeth; Pannala, Naga; Patel, Atul; Polisetty, Monica; Prommintr, Peaw; Tan, Joyce; Zachar, Mark (2003-05)
    Service learning projects give students the opportunity to learn and develop new skills while helping others. There are many types of experiences that undergraduates engage in that can be considered community service, ...
  • Scoping Health Care Informatics (Fall 2003) IPRO 372/472 

    Unknown author (2003-12)
    Health care is a complex, highly constrained, high stakes environment that relies heavily on information. The field of medical informatics has evolved to create software solutions that are intended to support the organization, ...
  • Searching for Novel Drug Targets (semester?), IPRO 318 

    Kamdar, Amit; Marell, Joshua; Knox, John; Kim, Hyunsuk; Wu, Calvin; Polich, Lindsey; Stankovich, Floriann H.; Patel, Vrudhdhi; Jin, Tengchuan; Desai, Ronak; Dolejs, Martina (2006-12)
    IPRO 318 is entitled Novel New Drug Targets. The objective for this IPRO is to determine specific proteins that are involved in disease pathology. The team will investigate diseases and their protein sequences in order to ...
  • Searching for Novel Drug Targets (semester?), IPRO 318 

    Amin, Kathan; Himchak, Evan; Hu, Xiao-Xuan; Huang, Suyao; Laster, Kyle; Lee, Hyun; Liu, Alfred; Nedrud, Joshua; Pansara, Megha; Topagi, Snehalata; Wicker, Amanda; Zwibelman, Hannah (2007-12)
    Over the course of the term, IPRO 318 made progress in the “[Search] for Novel Drug Targets.” This IPRO is part of an ongoing effort to try to find potential drug targets on pathogenic proteins. During past terms, ...
  • Seed of Light 

    Zuniga, Andrea; Caven, Daniel (2012-05)
    The Seed of Light intends to use architecture as a learning tool for the Chicago South Side communities. It will serve as ComEd’s new Center for Smart Grid Technology and Energy Efficient education. The site is located on ...
  • Semantic News Aggregation Software (Semester Unknown) IPRO 327 

    Bathum, Nick; Estola, Evan; Kim, Jaeyeon; Mundrawala, Jay; Osswald, Chris; Schmitz, Pete; Zangenehzadeh, Cameron (2008-12)
    Design and build software to provide Web searchable news data and related semantic information from current events. This information will be extracted from online news sources, processed by our software to add semantic ...
  • Semantic Web News Engine (Semester Unknown) IPRO 327 

    Copeland, Daniel; Estola, Evan; Kaim, Max; Mundrawala, Jay; Peterson, Steven; Price Jr, Daniel; Rawlings, Ori; Rodriguez, Laura; Sirotzke, Daniel (2009-05)
    The Swyne Project‟s objective is to extend the capabilities of the semantic search engine developed in the previous semester of this particular IPRO project. Proposed extensions include the ability to search for “entities” ...
  • De (semester?), IPRO 342 

    Martin, Ana; Ghosh, Shameek; Fleming, Robert; Lolwaczny, Dan; Lee, Jae Suk; Warner, Alexander; Sharadendu, Dipti; Shenoy, Pradeep; Vadgaama, Jasmine; Locascio, Kevin; Hernandez, Jose; Oh, Taekmin; Mulhall, Priscilla; Patel, Sapna (2006-05)
    IPRO 342 aims to complete the conversion of a CTA bus and a school bus from conventional vehicles to hybrid. There will be one retrofit parallel design for the CTA bus, while for the school bus there will be a new and a ...
  • Senior Housing Project (semester?), IPRO 315 

    Molina, Edda; Adegoke, Adetayo; Cho, Shirley; Chu, Alex; Civelekoglu, Derya; Dalimartha, Patrisius; Dodevski, Vesna; Edinberg, Ric; Frumkin, Jason; Fu, Chun Yiu; Greenberg, Lee; Hayner, Jeffrey; Hottmann, Candice; Huang, Michael; Jackson, Carliss; Jayanth, Nirup; Lau, Chun Hang; Maketiwa, Wadsanayi; Ninoyu, Anna; Padberg, Brett; Park, Ji Hye; Perea, Cesar; Pitariu, Anca; Tyagi, Vibhu; Wang, Xiang (2004-12)
    Students from DePaul University, Kent State University and Illinois Institute of Technology will work in multi-university teams with Chicago business leaders to develop and design a senior housing project for Chicago. ...
  • Sensor Systems in the Transportation Industry (Spring 2001) IPRO 353 

    Boitor, Andrei; Lauzze, Kevin; Pendleton, Ryan; Volberding, Beth (2001-05)
    The prototypes for a railroad tank car monitoring system have been developed in prior IPRO projects. The prototypes now need to be developed into potential product form, beta tested, and evaluated both technically and from ...
  • Sick Building Syndrome, Building Related Illness and Indoor Air Quality (Spring 2003) IPRO 335 

    Brady, Katie; Chladil, Laura; Gwozdz, Katie; Hadhazy, Melissa; Kim, WooJoo; Parai, Rajarshi; Patel, Ronak; Pisarek, Anna; Sawardecker, Erin; Yardley, Nate; Yum, Juil (2003-05)
    Sick Building Syndrome is a general category for a number of ailments, allergies, and complaints, all due to some physical aspect of a building, usually related to the ventilation system. The existence of low levels of ...
  • Silver Nanoparticles Indicators of Thermal History (Semester Unknown) IPRO 317 

    Schillaci, Michael; De Nicolo, Marisa; Larkin, Evan; Hammes, Katherine; Peavler, Jennifer; Wicker, Amanda; Arnoux, Christian; Ucci, Russell; Justice, Grant; Konwar, Riju; Pyciak, Mark; Yaker, Farouk; Darwish, Muhammad; Petsod, Jason; Ismail, Malisa; Adejinle, Remi; Kyle, Ryan; Apampa, Kunle; Apyan, Aram; Bijonowski, Brent; Adamczyk, Paul; Muchna, Joseph; Bednarz, Mathew; Mbaegbu, Amaka (2009-12)
    A. The primary purpose of IPRO 317 is to prove the merit of using silver nanorods as a thermal history indicator. The extended purpose of IPRO 317 is to convert the production of silver nanorods from a batch process to a ...
  • Silver Nanorods As Indicators of Thermal History (Semester Unknown) IPRO 348 

    Nwanga, Shirley; Dado, Mathew; Cheever, James; McClelland, Daniel; Lumnitzer, Matt; James, Joshua; Chiem, Edward; Colmenares, Andre; Dorr, Elena; Gomez, Fernando; Jansen, Madeline; Lazicki, Katherine; Marcha, Emmanuel; Mohaimani, Aurash; Payne, Erica; Purcell, Amberl; Raddatz, Andrew; Sever, Michael; Sizer, Charlie; Taracena, Willy; Tilman, Ryan; Vassi, Anna; Wiebe, Meghan (2010-05)
    Silver Nanorods As Indicators of Thermal History, heat pum, NaOH,
  • Simply Park (Semester Unknown) IPRO 365 

    Bredau, Jason; Bryski, Timothy; Bubert, Casey; Bukowska, Angelika; Byrne, Matthew; Coates, Allan; Gonzalez, Julia; Huynh, Alex; Ko, Hyunseok; Mui, Danny; Ritchie-Smith, Robert; Sahagun, Benjamin; Shah, Malav; Trudo, Michelle; White, Kenny; Wicker, Nathan; Winstanley, Sam (2011-05)
    Efficiency in parking facilities has been set to low standards since self-parking was introduced in the 1950s1. As technology has developed, parking has been left in the past. Drivers are increasingly realizing the problem ...
  • Sloan Valve Company (sequence unknown), IPRO 306 - Deliverables 

    Delahanty, Sean; Jaouen, Julien; Thakkar, Hetul; Jones, Santiago Guerrero; Kim, Sung; Toor, Hammad; Jalan, Arjun; Soleja, Sikander; Zhang, Yayan (2009-12)
    Sloan Valve manufactures and distributes commercial valves and plumbing fixtures globally. The IPRO team will work to improve the 'procure to pay' process and also assist in the development of a new warehouse management module.
  • SMAART (Semester Unknown) IPRO 357 

    Anderson, Aaron; Bigart, Kyle; Blakely, Luke; Chapa, Bernardo; Hagopian, Matthew; Handzhiyski, Lachezar; Harmon, Stephanie; Horchin, Marina; Jani, Arjun; Moreno, Architecture; Roseen, Michael; Sullins, Michael (2011-05)
    Create a marketable home with self-sustaining, zero-energy technological systems. This home will not only be tailored to each homeowner, but its design will be duplicable and set a new standard of energy-cost efficient housing.
  • Small Town Sustainable Economic Development Feasibility of a Biochar System in Orange, Massachusetts (Semester Unknown) IPRO 350 

    Adejinle, Remi; Butail, Gokul; Cosenza, Samantha; Graaff, Tillman de; Futagami, Takahiro; Hinshaw, Ben; Khan, Asfandyar; Latour, Catherine; Lee, Brandon; Stewart, Dashiell; Wang, Yani (2011-05)
    The purpose of the team is to design a model of a sustainable waste management system for the town of Orange, Massachusetts. We seek to foster the economic attractiveness and vitality of the town by designing a better and ...
  • Small-Scale Desalination (Semester Unknown) EnPRO 354 

    Adamczyk, Paul; Au, Bonnie; Bijonowski, Brent; Fanelli, Daniel; Hoxha, Edlira; Krauszowska, Monika; Pham, Nga; Rauf, Aamir; Schlessinger, Hannah; Wolber, Brian (2010-05)
    Freshwater is one of Earth’s most precious resources and is now increasing in scarcity. Global warming induced climate change is now changing rain patterns and causing record drought, growing global populations are increasing ...
  • Smart Binoculars for Military & Civilian Use (sequence unknown), IPRO 350 - Project Plan 

    Bubert, Casey; Fairall, Earl; Hopkins, Dong; Hutchins, Sarah; Kobayashi, Jonathan; McCluskey, John; Pain, Muhammad; Patel, Purvag; Roa, Carlos; Spitler, Noah (2009-12)
    GPS modules and tracking devices have influenced many advances in modern technology. The data GPS provides has replaced the map and compass, and can be crucial in many situations. Its current platform for use however ...
  • Smart Specs for Civilian Military Applications (Semester Unknown) EnPRO 350 

    Fairall, Earl; Patel, Purvag; Spitler, Noah; Bubert, Casey; Hopkins, Dong; Hutchins, Sarah; McClusky, John; Pain, Muhammad; Roa, Carlos; Kobayashi, Jonathan (2009-12)
    In the real world, receiving the right information at the right time exacts success or failure. In the growing sport of paintball, every little edge counts towards victory. Real Time Initiative offers Smart Specs to our ...