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  • Design and Evaluation of New Flue Gas Cleanup Processes to Meet New EPA Regulations (Spring 2003) IPRO 304 

    Amundsen, Cliff; Ash, Abigail; Lau, Wendy; Patel, Anup; Wickesberg, Tyler; Williams, Ben; Ahsan, Syed; Buchanan, Michael; Buresh, Rita; Kolev, Dimitre; Vaicekauskaite, Jotvinge; Wilson, Tristan; Zenfour, Ali (2003-05)
    Students who join this IPRO team will gain experience in working with chemical and environmental engineering students on important issues that relate to designing chemical and environmental engineering processes. Studens ...
  • Optimum Design of a Solar Desalination Process (Spring 2002), IPRO 304E 

    Kulka, Anna; Lagunova, Natasha; Mustain, Bill; Nilsson, Lina; Parai, Rajarshi; Patel, Ronak; Phillips, Shannon; Sawardecker, Erin; Sokhan, Iryna; Volberding, Beth; Walden, Jennifer (2002-05)
    In addition to a process design topic which will be the focus of each of the six teams, the students joining this IPRO 304 will be responsible for identifying, investigating, analyzing and addressing therange of complex ...